The fun continues…

After yesterday’s workout-fest I rested up and re-fueled the best I could and tried to pump myself up for 20 miles the next morning.

Waking up to more snow, freezing temps and pretty tired legs, I was less than excited to get out there, but luckily I knew had all of my peeps waiting for me and going back to bed was not an option.

The first third or so of the run was pretty tough with long climbs, busy roads and a biting northerly wind in our faces constantly. It felt soooo good when we finally changed directions, and the rest of the run wasn’t so bad. We did have a few more hills, including a monster known as Hell Hill around the 18 mile mark. (yes, I planned the route… “what doesn’t kill you”, right?)

A highlight was our water refill station at a friend’s house that I arranged (with help from my co-instructor) complete with orange wedges and candy! It felt like an oasis on this tough day and pumped me up enough for the final stretch – even when our group leader decided to push the pace for a few clicks.

longrun-003-300x265It was a huge relief when we made it back to the store and my watch beeped 32KM. We even had leftover oranges and candies waiting for us! What a spoiled bunch.

All things considered, the run went pretty well. My legs were a bit sore and definitely on the tired side, but I hung in there and even managed to throw in a few race pace kilometres. I can’t wait to find out what it feels like to tackle a long run without having put them through a beating the day before. I probably won’t plan on a 2.5 hour workout on April 15th. 😉

longrun-002I’ve since spent the majority of the afternoon in a horizontal position, including a killer catnap on the couch. With 15 hours of running, cycling and swimming under my belt for the week, I am definitely looking forward to a sleep-in and rest day tomorrow!

How was your weekend?


19 thoughts on “The fun continues…

  1. You won’t know yourself when you finally get to run on fresh legs. That was a really tough weekend of training for you but you got through like the trouper you are.

  2. I’m glad to see you taking and planning some good rest. You really deserve and need it. I had a fantastic weekend an here I am now on Monday morning at work and missing all the weekend fun. 😦 We have very strict rules in SA for running and what clothes you may wear. We have to run in our club colors or plain clothes. I’ll do a post this week about it all.

  3. Great run Marlene. Looking at the snow I’m so glad we’re past that over here.

    My weekend was good, didn’t do as much as you but I managed to get 2 runs in which made me happy that I did it.

  4. Great week!!
    I did 20 this week too but there was no hell hill or freezing weather. Wait, or candy! That’s what we forgot. 🙂
    You deserve a rest today!! Great job. Enjoy!

  5. It is SMART to plan HILLS late in a long run, this mimics Boston where you CLIMB from miles 16-21…not kidding.. CLIMB. You rock sister! I wish I could borrow some of your energy/motivation, I have none these days.

  6. KILLER weekend girl! You are rocking this training. Love the candy – that is still something I haven’t tried mid-run… will add it to my list for this weekend 🙂 those candies look especially tasty.

  7. Great job this weekend! As a fellow Newmarket resident I was snowed in too this weekend. I hit the track @ the Magna center and ran in a circle. Could you help a newbie out and answer a couple of questions? Do you wear anything special on your feet when you run in the snow? How do you prevent slipping and getting frozen wet feet? And where is “Hell Hill”? I have my own version on Mulock but I’m guessing you were closer to Yonge-Davis.

    • Hi Albert! I’ve never un on the indoor track, but I have heard from a few people who have. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

      I don’t wear anything special on my feet. I just take shorter, careful steps in bad conditions and keep my eyes on the ground. And yes, my feet are often cold & wet. You get used to it after a while. The Running Room carries those grippers that you wrap around your shoe with cleats on the bottom for some extra traction. You could give them a try. I’ve also heard of people wearing plastic bags inside their shoes to keep feet dry, but I’d be worried about blisters!

      Our “Hell Hill” is Old Yonge Street at the very north end of Newmarket. MAP – the “A” is shown at the bottom of the hill. It’s a beast!

  8. Amazing job! All the snow we got on Saturday was very thoughtfully melted away by Sunday morning so we had a snow free run.
    My fav kind of running conditions…

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