Boston+ Training – Week 7

This will be an abbreviated summary because my to-do list is long and my time is short! It was a big week…

Monday – biked 1:15:00 on the trainer then hit the pool for our evening swim session (2050m).

Tuesday – Ran an easy 6K at lunch and 4 x Willow Farm Lane hill repeats after work (14K) on slick streets with snow coming down. Happy Valentine’s Day. 😉

workouts-and-wiaw-018-300x225Wednesday – Easy 5K run at lunch, short 30 min. ride on the trainer after work, then 1:30:00 swim (3050m).


Thursday – Marathon clinic night: 13K run with 5K tempo.

Friday – 1:35:00 swim (3000m) where I learned butterfly! Skipped my planned run in favour of extra rest for the big weekend ahead.

Saturdaydouble brick!


Sunday20-miler!longrun-002WEEK SEVEN
Total Run Distance: 80.9 km (50.3 mi)
Total Run Time: 7:40:59
Run Pace: 5:41/KM (9:08/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 85.1 KM (52.9 mi) [estimated]
Total Bike Time: 3:15:00

Total Swim Distance: 8100 m
Total Swim Time: 4:05:00

Total Training Time: 15:00:59


14 thoughts on “Boston+ Training – Week 7

  1. Hope you had a good day off yesterday and get all your to do’s done!! I know the feeling of having way too much stuff to do! There is never enough time in the day!

  2. Holy Moley! I feel like I say that a lot here. Your training is crazy! You fitness level has to be at a life time high. I can only imagine how great you feel. Keep up that effort.

  3. If I had your drive and stamina oh, the shape I would be in….ha! I dislike swimming (besides laying on a raft with an occasional dip to cool off…yea, I guess that isn’t really swimming..ha!) so much every time I read about what you did I shutter. 😉

    biking and running…you are amazing!!

  4. 4 hours in the water……and no Despicable Maurlene pics…..something just ain’t right.

    And with 4 hrs in the H20 we are going to have to start calling you Nemo…..

    Nice job this past week…..Beantown will be here soon and you will CRUSH it.

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