WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

Time for our weekly food-voyeurism party hosted by Peas & Crayons! {Thanks Jenn!} I documented my eats on Sunday (long run day!) to get away from the same ol’-same ol’ week day routine. Unfortunately, Sundays are usually my worst day for veggie intake. As per WIAW rules:

“What WIAW isn’t about
Comparison – Judgement – Restriction – Guilt”
runs-and-stuff-013-273x300 runs-and-stuff-014-300x225 runs-and-stuff-016-294x300 more-food-001-300x284 more-food-002-225x300
  • standard pre-long run brekkie: tea, bagel slathered with PB&J + OJ
  • (un-pictured) Gu Chomps, orange wedges and a handful of jelly beans during my long run
  • post-long run Timmy’s date with hubs – delicious maple cinnamon french toast bagel with cream cheese + chocolate milk and (unpictured) hot chocolate
  • (unpictured) handful of various chewy fruit candies from the bulk bins (weakness!!)
  • dinner made by hubs – tortellini with chicken, veggies and rose sauce
  • Pop Chips for munching – love these!

So… not exactly an A+ for nutrition and definitely light on fruits & veggies. I usually let myself eat what I feel like on long run days, as long as I make sure to nail that recovery meal. Mmmm chocolate milk.

Do you treat yourself after a long workout? Do you remember your veggies in the process?

Weigh-In Wednesday

I “forgot” to check in over the last few weeks, which means I was not doing the greatest. There were plenty of small fluctuations in that time, but it seems I ended up right about where I left off, so here we go again.

Week 1: -4.2 
Week 2: -1.6
Week 3: -0.6
Week 4: -1.6       
Week 5: not recorded
Week 6: not recorded
Week 7: not recorded
Week 8: -0.2
Total: -8.2 lbs


22 thoughts on “WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. My treats tend to happen the day after a long run. Mondays are my day off and when RunGry hits hard so that isn’t always a good combination.
    If I really feel like it…I will treat myself. 80% good and 20% not so good are my nutrition goals.

  2. I LOVE the new bagels at Tims. So good. I am really using MFP to track my food in the hopes of losing weight (I’ve not lost a thing yet!), so I don’t allow myself to eat whatever I want otherwise Sunday’s would be all about chips and cake! Are pop chips just chips? I’m a chip-a-holic and haven’t tried them yet.

  3. PB & J and Pop Chips–what’s not to love? I am funny with my long runs–some weeks I am golden with the eating on that day and really feel like treating my body well. Other times I am just tired and get a bit lazy with the food on those days. I guess the mindset always needs to be refuel/recover.

    Sorry about your snow and wind–hope the run isn’t too bad today!

  4. All those eats look yummy to me. The calendar is not my friend today because all this girl wants to do is eat. You’d think I’d get too old for this businsess! If I don’t stop some I’m going to have to run laps around my desk at work to burn off the extra calories. Maybe they will let me run to pick up the mail?

  5. I am the worst at eating sweets after a long run! I always feel like i deserve it for running so long but then I always over do it! I have not been to Tim Horton’s in a while! I am over do for a stop!

  6. Now that’s my kind of eating! Even though I understand it’s your long run day, it’s nice to see that you’re not always rocking out the perfect salads every day. Nice to see you didn’t gain over the three weeks off though!

    • Like I’ve been telling you, I don’t eat like that all the time! Gotta have treat days. And I had plenty over the last three weeks! haha. I’m lucky that it all evened out. Or maybe it’s the crazy workout schedule. heh!

  7. Your WIAW always makes me hungry! I love the pictures! Way to go on 8lbs…I so need to get it together. I wish I didn’t like food so much. Um, I stocked your blog today looking for your bike…holy cow, it’s SWEET! Are you loving it? Can I get another picture? That is a NICE BIKE! What did you have before?

  8. I don’t really treat myself after long runs, maybe again when I’m running distances of about 15K or more but for now Saturday runs aren’t that long.

  9. Great job on the weight loss!!! Yes…Girl Scout cookies have come in…we bought 4 boxes!!!! Massive junk calories!:)

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