Three Things Thursday

1. Last night the Running Room (aka, the hub of my marathon clinic) hosted the Fibre 1 Chill Challenge – an event to encourage fitness in the community, inviting participants to show up for just 20 minutes of “fun and fitness” in order to receive a free toque (that’s what we call knitted winter hats in Canada, eh?).

Fibre1-004-225x300I wasn’t able to participate in the actual challenge, but I did get my 20+++ minutes of activity in and they gave me my toque when I dropped in during the event on my way to the pool. I may or may not have gone home with an entire case of the leftover cereal samples…


This Sunday brings my first race in 5 months, the Chilly Half Marathon. This has become a staple on my race calendar – the course is a flat out-and-back (my favourite – boring, but great for racing) and it’s one of the only options around here for an early season long distance race. That being said, it often brings unfavourable conditions and this year is no exception; at the moment, it looks like we can anticipate a rain/snow mix and strong headwind for the back half. I’m not too worried about it this time since I won’t be “racing”. My fitness is nowhere near PR-level so I’m planning to run with some clinic friends in the hopes of pacing them to their own PRs. I have a feeling they will end up leaving me in their dust, but I’ll do my best!

3. On a much more somber note, we found out yesterday that one of the gentlemen from the marathon clinic had passed away unexpectedly after a short and sudden illness. He was 60 and a regular member of several previous clinics. He had taken a hiatus in recent years, but decided to join us again this time around in order to train for the Vancouver Marathon with his son this spring. We are all deeply saddened and shocked by his sudden passing. Life is fragile. R.I.P. David.


30 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. So sad to hear about your friend. Prayers to his family and friends.
    Hope to see you on Sunday. I am running the 5km which is still very weird to me. My plan is to bust out my run, get warmed up and be out to cheer my head off for everyone else. Cowbells are in order…..

  2. that’s awful! 😦 any death is hard, but sudden i feel is harder. thoughts and prayers to his family.

    on a lighter note, you forgot to mention that it’s national m&m day.

  3. Good luck on Sunday!

    So sorry about your friend. It is always so tough, but a sudden, shocking death is almost always tougher to deal with. Hang in there!

  4. I went to the Chill Challenge too and tired the Fiber 1 Honey Cluster Cereal this morning…it’s actually pretty good. Nice that you may or may not have gotten a case of it. 😉

    So sorry to hear about your friend David. Lately there has been a lot of reminders of how precious life is.

  5. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. Life is indeed fragile.

    Enjoy your first 2012 “race.” It will be a great way to reflect on your friend’s moments in your life. As long as we are remembered we live on, right?!

  6. I am so so sorry about the loss of your friend. 60 is so young.

    What is your goal time for Chilly? I will look for you (and pray for good weather!)

  7. Just found your site while cruising for Chilly Half Info – I am also running on Sunday with a couple of friends, it will be the first 1/2 for all of us! Looking to finish under 2h but hoping really just to arrive at the finish upright 🙂

    Either way I love your blog, and look forward to reading more of it!

  8. So sorry about your friend….that is way too young to be taken away. 😦

    Good luck with the Chilly half…I remember that race from last year!!

  9. So sorry about David. Very young and that’s just sad.

    Love the toque (and that word!). Have fun with the 1/2 this weekend. I need to do a race pre-Boston, but not really thinking that’s gonna happen at this stage in the game.

  10. I’m running an HM this weekend too, and the weather is also predicted to be unfavorable, but for here, that means 80 degrees and humid. Strangely, I think I’d rather take snow and cold over heat and humidity! Good luck and have fun!

  11. We lost a member of our running club a few weeks ago to a heart attack. IT was very sudden and sad. Just reminds you to take each day and appreciate everyone around you.

    Good luck in the half marathon! I am just praying for no rain Saturday morning here! Its been horrible every Saturday the past month! I need a break!

  12. Had the marathon clinic kids out for the challenge as well except it was 10k, extremely hilly. Strangely enough whenever I call out at the practice run that is very hilly almost nobody outside of my clinic group usually joins in. ;-(

    Heres hoping for good weather on sunday

  13. Nice beanie! Will you be wearing it in the half on the weekend? Sounds like you’ll need it – especially in the second half.

    Sorry to hear about your friend. So young. So sad.

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