February 2012

Total Run Distance: 297.14 KM (184.63 mi)

# Runs: 28

Total Cycling Distance: 307.79 KM (191.25 mi)

workouts-008-225x300# Rides: 13

Total Swim Distance: 29,950 m (huge record!)

# Swims: 13

Races: none

Favourite Workout: Double Brick

Most Hardcore Workout: The 20-miler that was a struggle start to finish

Book,TV Show, Movie and/or Song of the Month: Second Wind by Cami Ostman **GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCED AT THE BOTTOM**


Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Wii Just Dance 3 – check out my skillz in the clip below. Yes, I am wearing an apron.

Indulgence of the Month: Steak dinner and movie out with hubs for a belated Valentine’s Date ❤

Obsession of the Month: wool socks! I wear them to and from the pool and then to bed because my feet will not warm up!

Food and/or Drink of the Month: the cinnamon french toast bagel from Tim Horton’s rocks my world (goes well with chocolate milk, too)

runs-and-stuff-016-150x150Current Wish-List: still waiting on that bike computer – figures the one I want that goes with my built-in sensor is back-ordered everywhere

Current Need: The time and motivation to create myself a tri training plan for the summer.
Triumph of the Month: Adjusting to a routine of 5 days running, 3 days biking, 3 days swimming.
#FAIL of the Month: We had an extremely close call on our group run last night with a maniac driver taking a very fast, wide turn and nearly taking out several of us at the side of the road. Be careful out there!
Current Excitement: SIX WEEKS (+3 days) til BOSTON
Current Goal: to ride my bike OUTSIDE before the month is up!
How was your month? What are you looking forward to in March?
AND the winner of my Second Wind giveaway is:  Sarah A.
Congrats and thanks to all who entered!

10 thoughts on “February 2012

  1. Yikes! I don’t like to hear of crazy maniac drivers near you!
    I do like to hear about cinnamon french toast bagels. Sounds really, really good.

    Congrats on all the swimming, setting a record is always fun! I am actually hoping to get back into swimming this month so hopefully you can be my motivation. I haven’t swam laps in probably 2 years, yikes!

  2. Great month of training! Love the dance video too…. So scary about the driver. My biggest fear out there. I try to run on the sidewalk as much as possible even though it’s not the best place to run. However, even then you have risk. I find when you are crossing over a road and someone coming out to turn left, they don’t bother looking right. I always think to myself, what if this was a child on a bike on the sidewalk.. They would just keep going. crazy really. Glad you are all safe.

  3. Awesome month Marlene!

    I’m looking forward to Spring. I hope we will have a few of the first Spring days this month. I love how nature is making a new start in Spring, especially during runs, so much more to see.

  4. AWESOME February, Marlene! You never cease to inspire. 🙂 I’m officially getting caught up on the blog world after a crazy 2 weeks mostly away. It looks like I missed a lot!

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