Boston+ Training – Week 10

Ten weeks down and just five to go! I gained a lot of confidence at the Chilly Half last week and it really restored my running mojo. Getting back to some morning runs this week made me feel even more like my old self. The week culminated in a fantastic long run [see below] and I can’t stop smiling about all of it. The change in weather (hello Spring!) has lifted my spirits even further. I think it’s time to get excited….

Untitled3Monday – recovery day with just masters swim, 2350m in 1:00:00
500 w/u, 400 (alt 50 pull/50 kick), 4 x 200 descending (alt 100 pull, 100 free), 4 x 100 free descending, 3 x 75 free descending, 25 c/d

fish-001-150x150Tuesday – 5 mile lunch run, hour-long trainer ride after work

Wednesday – 10 mile 5:00AM run, 90-minute masters swim for 3600m
800 free, 4 x 100 kick, 900 free, 3 x 500 drill set (200, 150, 100, 50)

workouts-and-food-019-150x150Thursday – 12K run with marathon clinic, 3 x 1600 repeats in crazy winds! at least it helped us for about 50% of each loop…

Friday – 10K early morning run, 45-minute trainer ride after work then hour swim @ masters (2400m)
400 w/u, 8 x 50 kick, 16 x 25 pull (paddles), 200 free, 200 pull, 800 free run-002-150x150

Saturday – easy hour on the bike, saving my legs for Sunday

bike-flat-002-150x150Sunday – Started and finished at the golf club for our group long run and it turned out to be the best one I’ve had all season. Gorgeous morning to run (short sleeves by the end), mid-way refill station with candy & oranges, strong negative-split finish even with monster hills on the back half. Felt great and dominated 36K (22.4 miles) with my pace group! BRING ON BOSTON!


Post-run brunch was the best part…

runch-053-225x300 runch-054-225x300WEEK TEN
Total Run Distance: 82.5 km (51.3 mi)
Total Run Time: 7:44:35
Run Pace: 5:37/KM (9:02/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 68 KM (42.3 mi) [estimated]
Total Bike Time: 2:45:00

Total Swim Distance: 8350 m *new weekly record!*
Total Swim Time: 3:30:00

Total Training Time: 13:59:35


5 weeks to Boston…..


24 thoughts on “Boston+ Training – Week 10

  1. Fantastic workout week Marlene as always.

    Don’t you just love that Spring weather? You and I have about the same weather conditions this week: I love it!

  2. What a great week you had! And yes, it is finally feeling “springy” here too! I’m still in long underwear, but am now down to one layer! LOL

    Wow, where was your brunch held? That looks amazing and “professional”. Yummy!

    • It was at Cardinal Golf Club on Highway 9 – you may know it?

      One of the girls used to work there so they opened just for us and put on that awesome all you can eat spread for just $16/person ALL IN. What a treat. We started/finished the run there too and got to enjoy some new scenery (hello hills of Kettleby) and had access to the showers when we finished. Spoiled!

  3. I was all giggly during yesterday’s run…the amount of runners out on the Bay route was awesome. I am going to soak up all this great running weather…and run with it. (hee!)

  4. Did you really ride on the trainer with long sleeves on? Please tell me it was out in the garage or something. I can’t take enough off when I ride indoors.

    Boston better watch out. You are going to kill it.

    • Yup, long sleeves indoors! This was the first time, actually. It drives me crazy when sweat drips down my inner arm. (Gross, I know). I wasn’t too hot with the fan blowing right at me.

  5. Awesome week! I am so excited about the weather too! I cannot wait for all my runs now that it is warm and I can wear shorts and/or capris!!! Your 10 mile pre work run inspires me because I have to do that next week since I have a post work engagement to go to and can’t run after work.

  6. Look at you go! I’ve always known you were a strong runner, but look at the swimming and biking! The tri season is going to be so fun to watch you enter into!

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