Coming Soon …

In my Chilly Half race report, I hinted at some exciting news… and then I left you hanging. Well, here it is:

We’re getting a puppy!

We always knew we would have a dog one day and last year we decided that we didn’t want to wait any longer. We Hubs researched breeds extensively and we ultimately decided on a German Shorthaired Pointer, a hunting breed described as being intelligent, affectionate, gentle-tempered and energetic. These dogs need “plenty of vigorous activity” and can be trained to run long distances, which of course played a huge role in our decision.

We selected a breeder early last summer and put our names on the list for the litter expected this spring. And then we waited, and waited, and waited. In the meantime, we continued researching and learning as much as possible to ensure that we are the best GSP owners parents we can be.

The news we received last weekend was that 11 healthy puppies had been delivered. (!!!)

430731_10151371304545454_644290453_23113089_1324096979_n-300x199We expect to bring ours home in late April or early May, perfect timing after Boston! We’re sure he’s going to be the perfect addition to our family and future running companion for both of us. (It will be about a year before he is fully developed and able to run safely for any period of time on hard surfaces.)

DSC00229-300x199How cute are they???

We realize it is going to be a lot of work and a big adjustment, which is slightly overwhelming – but luckily I come from a family full of dog lovers who are already eager to puppy-sit and help out any way they can.  We did not take the decision lightly and we’re about as ready as we’re going to be.  We seriously can’t wait to get to know our little guy. I feel like I am so in love with him already, and I’ve never even laid eyes on him.

DSC00235-300x199So that’s the big news! We are soon to be M & M … & M. 🙂

45 thoughts on “Coming Soon …

  1. A PUPPY! Yay! Congratulations! Some days my husband says that I love our dog more than him, it’s so hard not to love them. :o) Enjoy!

  2. Yaay!!!
    My husband is dying to have a “sidekick dog” to run with. Unfortunately, we can’t have one in our current rental, but it is definitely on the list of things we’re looking forward to when we get our own place!

  3. I just hope there’s a U in it’s name.

    I am disappointed though. Now I can never come visit! Unless you decide I am more important and put the dog outside for a few days. :-p OBVIOUSLY we know what you will choose.

  4. Our GSP, Rosemary, turns 3 y.o. this week. She is an amazing dog and a great running partner. She has ran up to 12 miles with me but I know that she would go farther. She is super to run with–running is her job and she stays right beside me. My husband regularly runs with her off lead and she does super with that too. She is also a great family dog and is kind and gentle with everyone. Make sure that you get a kiddy pool for after summer runs. Rosemary practically sprints home so that she can jump into her little pool!

      • Oh, and Rosemary is trained to “take care of business” before our runs. This morning was the first time in about 6 months that I’ve had to pick up after her. I think that she was too distracted by the robins to go before we left. I put on her collar, turn on my garmin and let her outside. Those are her signals to “go.” You will have so much fun running with your GSP. I get compliments almost every time that I run with her!

  5. Congratulations! Puppies are so much fun…and just a little bit of work 😉 Haha. I actually have a lab mixed with a german short haired pointer and he LOVES to run! We didn’t run him for the first year, but he comes all the time with me now. Enjoy the puppy while they are small…it doesn’t last long!

  6. Very exciting! Can’t wait for lots of pics on the blog! I have 3 dogs and run with two of them but only one can do any sort of distance. I haven’t found her limit yet! The others are getting up there in years but they still love their walks and hikes!


    Obviously I would be very excited about this 🙂 I thought this might be happening from something I saw on facebook 😉

  8. i grew up w/ a GSP, they are the best!!! she was such a smart, loving, fun dog. great choice and congrats!!!!

    i didn’t think the big news would be a baby with those big Tri goals you have!

  9. Exciting! You’re going to LOVE having a puppy! They can be a lot of work but they bring so much joy to your life. I seriously laugh at my pup multiple times every day. And it’s GREAT to have a running buddy! I’ve been running with my boxer dog since she was about 6 months old but ONLY in the off-leash dog trails behind our house so she can set her own pace. I can’t wait till she hits the 12 month and 18 month mark though so I can start bringing her on road runs with me and also take her for longer runs!

    Congrats on your new addition!!!! 🙂

  10. awwww how cute. those dogs are amazing! congratulations on the new addition to the family! yay
    cant wait to see more pix when you finally get the doggy.

  11. Yay! Congrats!! We LOVE GSPs 🙂 Our youngest dog is a pointer “mix” (of what else, I’m not sure…we adopted her from the humane society) and she is just the best!

  12. SO Exciting! We are currently the only people in our neighborhood with a dog/pet or children. Guess we are really behind. Hopefully some day we will have a dog because I know I would love to take it running!

  13. 🙂 This post made me smile! I am so excited for you guys. And a lil pup will be a great addition to your family. I can’t even wait to see little puppy photos!!!

  14. Oh my goodness, you are adorable. I think you might have done more reading up on this than Mr. Joanna and I did before deciding to become parents the first time. It’s close, anyway. 🙂

  15. OMG, OMG! We were just at the Purina Dog Show this weekend to help us pick a new dog, our Doberman will likely only be with us for another few years, and we decided on a German Shorthaired Pointer! We found one breeder but if you wouldn’t find sharing your breeder info with me please. Please post pics of your puppy when you get him/her!

  16. Awe such sweet news! I love the fact that you take raising a puppy so seriously. You guys are going to be great parents. Can’t wait to hear about the family runs.

  17. Oh, how wonderful. When I was a kid we had a German Shorthaired Pointer. His name was Patu and he really was my best friend! Those puppies are so cute and they remind me of Patu. He was mainly white with brown head and few bigger brown spots. I still miss him. Such a great breed. Can’t wait to see your puppy =o)

  18. Ahhhhhhhh Marlene so cute! I can’t wait to see your pup grow and the pics you will definitely post on your blog.

    Before Bella we had another dog that we got when she was 5. After she died we wanted another dog but were a bit scared to go for a puppy because you have to train it. We decided to try it and never regretted it. Cairn terriers are known to be bad listeners but we are lucky with our Bella, she listens very good to us and she’s smart and knew within 2 weeks she had to pee outside and not inside.
    I have run with her twice since I got her but that wasn’t a success: she wanted to play, the last time she didn’t want to go and turned around. She loves to run but not to run with me 🙂

  19. That’s so exciting. The only bigger news you could have would be if you were having a human baby – but a furry baby is still great. The pups are incredibly cute and I think you’ve made a great choice of breed for your lifestyle. They’re intelligent and athletic. You’re going to have years of doggy fun, love and devotion.

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