Three Things Thursday

bike-flat-007-150x1501. BE PREPARED… I carved out some time last weekend to practice something that I vowed to do before Spring … learning the art of changing a flat before taking my cycling to the streets. I learned how to do this on my hybrid at a mini seminar a couple months ago (although I have not practiced since, whoops) but it’s way harder with these narrow road tires! They are much smaller, which means it’s a tighter squeeze with way less wiggle room.

I made out pretty well, actually, until it came time to get that last lip of tire back on the rim. I think this took longer than the entire rest of the process and I ended up with red, blistered thumbs from all the pinching and squeezing.

bike-flat-008-300x224BUT I did it. All by myself!

bike-flat-011-300x261Two thumbs up. Two sore thumbs.

bike-flat-013-300x224I tried again later in the day and the process was much easier and faster. Hopefully practice will make perfect! The thought of doing this on the side of the road (especially in a race!) is a nightmare. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I don’t ever need to use my new skills out on the roads. Wishful thinking, I know…

Now I just need to master the art of getting my back wheel off and on.

2. OVER THE HILL… My Mom turns 50 next week! This Saturday we’re throwing a big bash to celebrate – on St. Patty’s Day, no less.

225296_7635530453_644290453_437363_7578_n-300x199Happy Birthday, Mom!

It will be a late and potentially indulgent night and I’m planning ahead so I won’t have to do my long run Sunday morning. Tomorrow I’ll be running to work, something that seems to have become a once-per-training-cycle tradition. 30+ kilometres in a straight line, starting at 4:30AM, followed by a “shower” in the sink and full work day. Luckily my sidekick P has agreed to another of my schemes and is willing to keep me company for a while in the middle.

3. MORNING FAIL… This morning I was up early and ready to hit the 5:30AM public lane swim (no Masters this week due to March Break). I got up, suited up, made a tea… and then realized I had no way to get to the pool. You’d think I might have come to this conclusion yesterday when I needed to make arrangements for a ride to work since the car is in the shop. Doh!

Any other time I would have taken advantage of being awake to go for a run, but I have my clinic run tonight and my long run coming up tomorrow morning. Clearly the only option was to crawl back into bed.

workouts-006-225x300 Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!

29 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Great idea with planning ahead with your long run. I ran 13km last sunday with a major hangover and I will never do that again!

  2. good job on the tire change! that is pretty awesome. and i am sure it will just get easier and faster. yay!

    happy birthday to you mom. im sure it will be a fantastic day. ps. you look so much like her!

  3. knowing how to change a tire is so smart! You just never know when that will come in handy!

    Your mama is So young! That means you could practically be my daughter, which makes me feel very old.

    Bummer on the car/swim situation!

  4. What? You couldn’t bike to the pool? Sheesh! (We won’t even mention the fact that I never would have gotten up in the first place, so you are way ahead of me. )

    Nice job on the tire change. I’m still riding a bike from the 70s. Not sure the wheels even come off at this point.

    • LOL, I received the same question via Twitter! You know, I probably would have if I owned a bike lock! It’s not that far, just too far to walk and get back in time for my ride to work.

  5. Good job on the tire change, you’ll need to know that once you get out there on the road bike…my first year of epic rides consisted of 6 flat tires, so it is a need to know not a nice to know.

    Happy Birthday Mom! She is a Spring Chicken!!

  6. Happy Mom Bday!
    …did you go back to bed in your bathing suit?
    The hubs learned the lesson the hard way about not over inflating your tires..they make a helluva noise when they explode.

  7. I was going to say the same thing about riding to the pool. 🙂 Maybe they’ll let you bring the bike inside? I can do that at some pools (but not others). I only do it when I bring Dana with me.

    • Wow, really? Wouldn’t hurt to ask, I suppose! Where do you leave her inside? Or do you bring her right INTO the pool? Aqua cycling?? 😛

      • LOL! Aqua Cycling could actually be pretty interesting! At the old pool I used to leave her right on the deck. At my new pool there’s a seating area, and I just leave her up top. I’m the only one who does it so far, but we’ll see how it goes later in the year.

  8. For some reason I have this total mental block about changing my bike tire. As many times as I’ve learned it, it just freaks me out.

    Ok, the fact that your mom is only 5 years older than ME. How is that possible?

  9. Well done on learning how to change a bike tyre. That’s just another reason why I can’t and won’t ever be a cyclist.

    I’m almost as old as your Mum! Happy birthday to her.

  10. Happy birthday to your mom!! And way to go on fixing your own tire. I have watched it done, and realize that is quite easy, but I’m still nervous to do it myself.

  11. good job with the tire repairs. it gets easier. i’m still not very good with the rear wheel, but i’m much better now than when i first got a road bike

    your MOM turns 50?!? Suddenly I feel so old (maybe because I am…hahahah)

    • I was lucky – one of the girls I run with is a bike guru and hosted a free workshop! She did give us a handout with brief instructions that I referred to… I could send that to you, but it is pretty confuding without having watched first. KWIM?

      I have been told there are lots of Youtube videos floating around, but I’ve never tried looking for a good one – sorry!

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