Boston + Training – Week 11

We didn’t have Masters Swim this week due to March Break, and it’s amazing how out of sorts I felt not having that routine. I generally schedule my week around swim times since those are carved out. This week I had some flexibility which was kind of nice, except I was lacking swim-motivation without having my group to meet. In the end, my week was very light on swimming but the highlight was cycling outdoors for the first time! Thank you, early Spring!

Oh, and of course I did some running too…

Monday – It was strange not going to the pool Monday night. Set out with hubs for a short recovery run instead.

Tuesday – I went to the 5:30AM public swim and put in a good hour (2500m), but missed having a coach on the deck telling me what to do and friends in my lane to chat between sets. After work I went for a planned 10K run that became a 10 miler because it was just too nice outside to stop! Finished at dusk.

food-run-002-300x224Wednesday – Set my alarm early but I was way too zonked from the longer run the night before. Slept a bit more and packed a bag for a 5-mile warm & sunny lunch-time run. After work I rode outdoors for the first time this season! A-maz-ing. Discovered a great new route that gives me a perfect one-hour ride from my front door.

workouts-001-225x300Thursday – Planned to swim at 5:30 again, until I realized that I didn’t have a car in the morning. D’oh! Went for a shorty 5K run after work to clinic and back; had planned to go a bit farther but legs felt tired and I had my long run on deck the next morning.

workouts-006-225x300Friday – Left the house at 4:30AM for one of my traditional run-mutes. 20 miles before work sounds insane but it is one of my favourite things to do. Lucky for me, I had hubs join me for te first bit and my friends for a nice long stretch in the middle. Got ‘er done! That evening I made it to the pool for a short recovery swim. I didn’t stay long (35 minutes), but it felt pretty good.

Saturday – Two hour ride with 5 friends!!! Surprisingly my legs didn’t seem tired at all after Friday’s long run. This was amazing and I am soooo looking forward to many more rides like this!

group-ride-001-300x238Sunday – We had a late night for Mom’s 50th on Saturday and had a late start to Sunday. It was very warm and sunny when hubs and I headed out to run around 1 and I really wasn’t feeling it. I switched to the 7K for the Linzi and Aneta‘s Virtual Shamrock Shuffle – better than nothing!

bike-ride-002-300x225Maybe I was just too eager to put my NEW bike on the road for the first time!!! We stayed in the neighbourhood so I could practice clipping in and out… and yes, I toppled over at a stop sign. This is going to take some getting used to. BUT I LOVED IT!


Total Run Distance: 74.0 km (46.0 mi)
Total Run Time: 6:45:52
Run Pace: 5:29/KM (8:49/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 92 KM (57.2 mi) all outside!
Total Bike Time: 3:34:08
Average Speed: 25.8 kph (16.0 mph)

Total Swim Distance: 4000 m
Total Swim Time: 1:35:00

Total Training Time: 11:55:00


4 weeks til Boston!


16 thoughts on “Boston + Training – Week 11

  1. Another great week!! Are you enjoying not taking an actual full rest day? I have been going to spinning on my rest days and I have come to enjoy it! Taking a full day off of no exercise seems weird now and sometimes makes me feel slow and sluggish!

    • It does seem to work better for me. I give myself permission each week to re-schedule and include a complete rest day if needed, which happens occasionally… moreso for the mental break! But generally, I feel better when I do something every day.

  2. The nice temperatures have find found their way here!! Blizzard is in for his spring tune-up, so I’m thinking of pulling out the Iron Horse for a few weeks until the snow and gorp finally leaves our roadways.

    Welcome to the topple over club, hey I fell over while standing still!

  3. Nice new wheels! I’m sure you’ll be riding/stopping like a pro in no time. And I’m betting you are happy to be back in the water w/ master’s this week!

    • I went with sleeveless. It just seems more comfortable and allows the arms to move more, plus it goes on and comes off easier!

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