What I Ate Wednesday

Time for another green edition of WIAW hosted by Peas & Crayons. Here’s what I ate on Monday…

food-etc-015-300x224 food-etc-003-300x224 food-etc-004-300x224 food-etc-005-300x224 food-etc-006-225x300 food-etc-008-300x268 food-etc-010-300x224 food-etc-014-300x224

  • cold cereal, my favourite summer breakfast (unpictured tea)
  • green apple + HB egg – sorry CTER, whites only this time!
  • enormous foccaccia sandwich with turkey, provolone, tomatoes and green lettuce + carrots
  • green grapes + cheesestring
  • the beverage that shall not be named…
  • poptart before bike-muting home from work (don’t judge, it works!)
  • ginormous chopped salad… from the green salad bowl (green romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, corn, chickpeas, bacon bits, feta cheese)
  • 2 small slices of hubs’ frozen pizza with mushrooms
  • (unpictured) slice of bread with PB + chocolate milk after swimming

Thanks P&C!


18 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

    • Oh yes, I still eat my beloved fibre 1 most days. 🙂

      I don’t actually hate the yolks… I just can’t eat them unless they are cooked PERFECTLY. So that’s about 50% of the time. 😉

  1. I saw this in the above feed about Fiber one bars?? I tried to hard to eat those cause some of them are really yummy BUT they make my intestines all funny and its just not good! I was just reading a little thing in my Food Network magazine about eggs! Maybe I should do an info on eggs post!

  2. I LOVE the pop tart. No judging here. I swear Combos worked on the bike last summer. I think I am going sleeveless. I emailed with my swim instructor today (who was very apologetic over the missed lesson) and I think she has me convinced the extra buoyancy isn’t worth the constriction. She is going to bring me hers (both kinds) to try at some point.

  3. OK, that salad bowl is seriously huge! LOL I can’t eat a poptart. Why? Because if I eat one, I can guarantee you I’ll eat another. And it doesn’t take long for me to eat the whole box… You must have more self control than I have LOL.

  4. The green bowl – impressive! I can’t imagine eating a bowl full of salad from that one. And where are the yolks? You haven’t got your puppy yet (that’s where most of my left-over food goes).

  5. It all looks so yummy and I can hardly wait until my life is back to normal and let’s me exercise enough to let me eat that much in one day!!! I got some free samples of Fibre 1 from the RR and although I like it, I find it has too much sugar content.

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