Epic Training Day

I don’t use the word “Epic” very often, but I think it is an appropriate word to describe yesterday.

4 hours and 25 minutes of cycling, running and swimming.

Here’s how it went down:

6AM – bike-mute with Juliana

Took the longer route that J and I used to take last summer. Cycling on busy roads in rush hour is not ideal for chatting, but the company was nice. This was my second day this week not bringing the car to work! (I use the hybrid for commuting.)
34.2 KM (21.3mi) – 1:16:42 – 26.8 kph (16.6 mph)

big-day-001-300x2257:30AM – brick run

I wheeled my bike inside, ditched the gear I didn’t need and headed right back out the door, while my co-workers looked on in awe confusion, asking ‘Didn’t you just ride your bike here?’ I took a short out and back route and my legs wanted to fly, so I let them go. I often find I can run at a decent clip right off the bike, although it feels like I’m moving slower than I actually am.
4.0KM (2.5mi) – 19:54 – 4:58/KM (7:59/mi)

big-day-002-300x2258:00AM – 5:00PM… work, work, work, eat, eat, eat

551909_411570335523700_322698436_n-225x3005:00PM – bike-mute home

I was solo for the way home and took my new-ish route that I used on Monday. The trip home is significantly uphill and I expected it to be pretty tough after the morning run + ride (and my legs had been pretty trashed on Tuesday from Monday’s bike-muting). I ended up feeling good and powering all the way home. I have no idea how I am reaching these speeds on my hybrid.
30.8KM (19.1mi) – 58:44 – 31.5 kph (19.6 mph)

Untitled5-300x126 6:00PM – brick run # 2

Once home, I put my bike inside and turned right back around for another short brick run. This time I could really feel how tired my legs were, but they still seemed to want to move quickly. It was also extremely hot at this time (we had record-breaking temps for March yesterday), which made me insanely thirsty and sweating like crazy. I went straight into a cool shower when I finished.
4.0KM (2.5mi) – 20:16 – 5:04/KM (8:09/mi)

7:00PM – scarf down as much food as possible

food-etc-013-300x2247:30 – 9:00PM – Masters swim

I wasn’t quite done yet! It was tempting to just crash on the couch, but I knew I would regret missing the swim. I convinced myself to just go for an hour, but of course once I was in the water I wasn’t going to leave til we were done.

This was definitely an epic training day, especially for mid-week! I’m taking a rest day today. 🙂


38 thoughts on “Epic Training Day

  1. WOW. You did so much yesterday! That is crazy how much time you spent working out but oh so awesome!!! Hope you are feeling good today and not too tired after all your activities!

    • Yeah, it was kinda nuts yesterday. 😛 Definitely not your typical day but fun to push the limits. Like I said, rest day today. 😉

  2. I got tired reading this. I get happy when I do a ‘double’ work out day but that still only equates to less than half of what you just did.

  3. geeeeeeeeeeeeeze. get a life maurlene 😉

    you are epically nuts. i am jealous that you are going (well) more than my avg 12mph on my hybrid. you are making my hybrids-are-heavy-argument useless you know – thanks a lot!!!

    you should probly just look into some sort of all-fluid diet since it looks like you are running out of time to eat. perhaps they’ve invented some way to pee/poo without having to ‘waste time’ going to an actual bathroom?

    i am not worthy of being your friend. i don’t even work out 4 hours a week anymore, ha!

    • We have not been friends ever since you stopped eating sugar.

      Did you see the poptart I posted yesterday??

      JK I love you.

  4. OMG. You put me to shame. How the f(*! did you manage that average going home? Did you hold onto the back of some vehicle? If not, do we need to start checking you for steroid use, seriously girl, this is not normal. Speechless!

    • LOL! Honestly… I am wondering if someone installed turbo chargers in my legs or my bike. On Monday I averaged 32 on the way home and checked the distance online to make sure my Garmin had not malfunctioned.

  5. You are so amazing. I love that you take the commute to work, which you HAVE to do anyway, and make it a work out. Such a smart use of time. PLEASE tell me you ate SOMETHING unhealthy yesterday (like peanut butter chocolate ice cream or something!).

    • Commuting on my bike is genius. If we had showers at work and it didn’t require so much prep/packing, I would do it all the time. Drive = 45 mins, bike = 60. HELLO!?

      Sadly, I didn’t have any treats yesterday! There was nothing in the house and no time for stopping. I almost hit the DQ drive thru after swimming, though. 😉

      I had pizza & wine on a patio for a work lunch today. 😀

      • I like your style! I bought a thin crust spinach pizza for lunch tomorrow and plan on cracking the white wine that’s in my fridge after my run tonight. Speaking of chocoalte, ice cream and peanut butter – PC makes a popsicle with all three. I highly suggest keeping some on hand for days like yesterday as they are great post work out fuel (because of the peanut butter! HAHA!).

      • That would be dangerous to keep in my freezer! Seriously, I have no willpower! I will check them out, though. 🙂

        Enjoy the wine + pizza!

  6. You are a beast! Love it. You are so gonna rock your 70.3.

    And just gave me incentive to get out the door and get my second run in for the day (been procrastinating!)

  7. You should change the title post to 1,000,000,000,000th Epic-Training-Day! I’m amazed that you could keep a sub-5 and 5-ish pace on the run (sorry…this is slow poke me!).

  8. Damn Maurlene…..that is some training day.

    Is that the biggest bowl of cereal I have ever seen? Forget the spoon next time and just tie a string around the bowl and your head and use it as a feeder.

    Boston, 70.3s ain’t got nothing on you this year.

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  10. Oh my goodness–this is quite the day! I am so impressed, and especially with the work, work,work in the middle. I would have had to crawl under the desk for a little lunchtime nap!! Great job Marlene!

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