Foto Friday

I couldn’t resist ordering a pair of the adiZero Adios 2, since they’re the exact same colour as this year’s Boston jacket.

DSC00092-260x300Too matchy? I don’t think so. The question is, am I too superstitious to wear them before earning said jacket?


This morning I wanted to hit the pool for an early lane swim since I can’t make Masters tonight (going to see Hunger Games!!). This is what I found at 5:30AM:

SSPX0238-300x225It turns out the swim times I looked up last week were for March Break only. Doh! Apparently I am cursed when it comes to public lane swims. This time, however, I didn’t go back to bed. I made a quick wardrobe change (although my swim suit might have been more suitable attire for the conditions…) and went for a 10K run in the pouring rain.

DSC00093-201x300Of course, it started raining 2 minutes after I left the house, so I didn’t wear my cap or jacket. I was drenched and could literally wring out my clothes when I got back. It was kinda fun…


And finally, more puppy pictures!! Here they are around 3 weeks old.

 I can’t handle the cuteness!

526605_10151430214600454_644290453_23348963_1775841708_n-300x199We aren’t sure which puppy will be ours yet, and there are two distinct colourings – solid liver with white (ticked) patches, or dark heads with white (ticked) bodies. Both are heart-meltingly adorable. Any guesses which we’ll end up with? 🙂




37 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. Those puppies are adorable! Do you get to indicate a preference? I don’t even know which I’d choose if I could. Both colour patterns are beautiful.

    I think you can wear the shoes. If I’m honest though, I don’t know if I would. I would be tempted to break them out at the same time as the jacket…

  2. So cute! Our dog was the last one because the only colouring he got was a white stripe down this chest. His sister ended up with two white paws and the rest of her brown, so she looks like she has casts on her feet.

  3. I love match, matchy! But like you, I wouldn’t bust them out until you’ve got the jacket…also, you don’t want to start changing up your shoes this close to the race!

    OMG, Miles…I don’t know…they are both adorable, perhaps you could take both…a his and her’s! double the licks and cold noses!

    • Of course, BM! I’m actually not going to run in these… Adidas just does not work for my feet. They will be my walking-around shoes, but even then – probably best not to mess around now! I’ll lace them up when I zip up my jacket. 😉

  4. I believe I have the first generation of AdiZero shoes and I LOVE them! I wear them for track workouts and 5k races and they are just so light and comfy! have fun with Hunger games! I hope I get to see it soon!

    • I haven’t had luck with Adidas shoes for running in the past so I might just keep these for my “walking around” shoes. How funny is that?? 😛

  5. You know that red shoes make you run faster.

    Wasn’t The Hunger Games good? I went to see it last night and it totally made me forget what a stressful and crappy day I’d had.

    Love those puppies! But contestant #1 is definitely cuter. It’s like someone dipped his head in point but ran out for the rest of him so they just splattered him instead.

  6. I am keeping up with all of you epic training. Rocking and rolling girl! Those puppies are so cute!!!! btw – joining masters tomorrow. :))))))

  7. The puppies are SOO cute- I can’t wait to see which ones you end up with!

    I am the same way with swimming lanes. I am a member at the Y and I switch between two both close to me, this means I constantly mix up the schedule at one or the other. I really need a pool that’s only goal is to be for lap swimming, available any time the gym is open haha.

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