Boston+ Training – Week 12

I took advantage of early spring weather this week and did lots of cycling outdoors. It is almost unheard of to be riding regularly outside around here in March, so this was a real treat. Unfortunately, winter came back this morning with below-freezing temps. I hope spring comes back soon!


Monday – I usually take it easy on Mondays to recover from Sunday’s long run, but the week before I had done my long run on Friday so I had plenty of energy come Monday. I decided to bike-mute to work and back, 60K (37 miles) total for the day! Surprisingly, I was much faster on the way home even though it’s significantly uphill. 18.4 mph on the way there, 19.9 mph on the way home.

Untitled5-300x126Monday night it was back to Masters (finally!) and felt great to swim with the group & coach again. Swam 2200m (300 warm up (alt 50 free, 50 drill), 500 pull, 100 sprint, 400 pull, 100 sprint, 300 pull, 100 sprint, 200 pull, 100 sprint, 100 c/d).

Tuesday – I was noticeably tired on Tuesday and took it wasy with just a 5-mile run at lunch.

stuff-009-225x300WednesdayEpic training day! Bike to work, brick run, bike home from work, brick run, 90 minute swim (3000m – 8 x 50 warm-up (alt free/kick), 2 x (3×100 free, 3×100 kick, 3×100 pull), 10×50 with sprints, 300 c/d)

big-day-001-300x225Thursday – REST DAY! I needed it.

Friday – Showed up at the pool at 5:30am to find it closed, and went for an impromptu 10K run in the rain instead. I ran another 6K at lunch to make it an even (ish) 10 miles for the day. Friday after work I went for another boot around the neighbourhood on my Trek… I need to get a handle on my nerves on this thing!

food-etc-016-225x300Saturday – We had a late night Friday seeing Hunger Games and didn’t get to sleep long enough since we had a busy day Saturday – trip to the bike store to pick up some goodies that came in for me, visit with the BIL followed by dinner + Banff Mountain Film Fest with Juliana and some other friends (which was AWESOME, btw). Before all of that, of course, hubs and I headed out for an easy 10K run to start the day.

Untitled7-300x224Sunday – BMFF made for another late night Saturday and I completely slept through my alarm for Sunday morning’s long run. I made it to the group meeting location JUST in time, which meant scarfing down a pop tart for breakfast in the car on the way there. I hate being in a rush, especially before a long run. A combination of the frazzled start and two nights of lack of sleep made this one tough run. I didn’t go as far as I wanted, but my last ~20-miler is in the books and that’s that.


Total Run Distance: 74.0 km (46.0 mi)
Total Run Time: 6:46:07
Run Pace: 5:29/KM (8:49/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 143.6 KM (89.2 mi)
Total Bike Time: 4:54:27
Average Speed: 29.3 kph (18.2 mph)

Total Swim Distance: 5200 m
Total Swim Time: 2:30:00

Total Training Time: 14:10:34



20 thoughts on “Boston+ Training – Week 12

  1. Hard to believe Boston is now so close! My husband finished his last ~20 (it was 22) miler before Boston yesterday and it seems like this training cycle has gone very quickly…

  2. No wonder you are tired! But it’s a good tired, right?

    A friend of mine saw some of the film shorts by Nat’l Geographic that were going to be shown at Banff. She told me about the one about the hang-gliding sherpas from Everest. Did you see that one? Sounds amazing!

  3. I’m still in awe of your epic workout day… topped with a 90 minute swim! Congrats on getting the last 20 in, you’re almost there!

  4. HGames was good?! I’m still deciding if I’m good with the story line. Yes-this from a girl who loves the “Saw” series. Totally makes zero sense -I know. 😉

    Amazing training week!!
    Boston is right around the corner. Awesome.

  5. Yes, bathroom changing/running pics are back… must be spring.

    Nice Rear (tool storage box that is……)

    BTW – in a couple of weeks if you want I will fly you down here to clean my house for the entire week prior to Boston…..I’ve read that you enjoy doing that kind of thing.

  6. I would have taken a day off after your epic workout day too! In fact after my semi insane workout day on Thursday I slept in on Friday morning because I was so tired! It was good to take a full rest day!

  7. Fantastic training week Marlene! You’re such an inspiration.

    Did you like the Hunger Games? I have to plan a date to see the movie too. I want to see it.

  8. How was the BMFF? I missed going this year when it was here. It is SO inspiring!

    Last nights run was freezing and when we hit the wind we literally came to a standstill before we were blown around! It was CRAZY cold! What kind of Bontrager tires are on your Trek? Are they tubular? I’m using Continental 4000 just for road rides.

  9. Sounds like another busy busy yet successful training week!! 🙂 We went the midnight showing of the Hunger games — oh man was i tired for days after that!

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