March 2012

Total Run Distance: 320.9 KM (199.4 mi)

# Runs: 21

Total Cycling Distance: 317.6 KM (197.3 mi)

# Rides: 10

Total Swim Distance: 27,150 m

# Swims: 11

Races: Chilly Half Marathon

Chilly5-205x300Favourite Workout: first outdoor group ride of the season! (lots more to come)

group-ride-001-300x238Most Hardcore Workout: double bike-mute + brick runs

Book,TV Show, Movie and/or Song of the Month: Hunger Games! Saw the movie on opening night with hubs and my sisters. Loved it!

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: ogling puppy pictures! (can you blame me??)

534292_10151430214700454_644290453_23348965_1213013758_n-300x199Indulgence of the Month: I’m saving them all up for Boston!

Obsession of the Month: PUPPIES! (again, can you blame me??)

554828_10151465331515454_644290453_23472412_1997296390_n-300x199Food and/or Drink of the Month: Pretty sure I ate spinach, chicken, strawberry, goat cheese, poppyseed salads more than anything else

run-001-300x179Current Wish-List: endless amounts of spending money at the expo in Boston would be nice… I WANT EVERYTHING

Current Need: a long weekend. Yes please.

Triumph of the Month: 235.6 KM of outdoorcycling – in MARCH! in CANADA!

bike-ride-005-225x300#FAIL of the Month: one weekend with two late nights each followed by early mornings = sleeping through my alarm, nearly missing my group long run and being a basket case! I need my sleep.

Current Excitement: I’ll give you one guess…. (13 days)

Current Goal: to have the time of my life in Boston



18 thoughts on “March 2012

  1. You will love Boston!!
    Wishing you find a $100 bill on the sidewalk tomorrow to help with your Boston expo purchases!!

  2. what’s in 13 days???

    I am kidding!!!
    I would buy everything also if Imade it there!!! of course!
    those puppies are too cute!
    I want one!
    I am looking to find another of those Boston book for you
    I got one more place to hit
    you would never guess where I got those….

  3. Love this!! So excited for you.. YES spend money in the expo it means so much to buy it there. Love the puppies.. Miss you friend!!

  4. Awesome months.

    And no I don’t blame you for the puppy obsession, I totally get it 🙂

    April is Boston month and I can’t wait to hear all about your experience.

  5. Great month of March! IT sure was a crazy month – One week in shorts, the next back into winter clothes! Hopefully the warmer weather will come back soon cause I miss it!

  6. Wow…Boston is so close! I know you’ll kick butt Marlene! And seriously, I can’t blame you for ogling puppy pictures at all. I’m a little sad we missed out on seeing Peat as a cute little puppy but he’s such an awesome little dog that I’m just so happy that he’s ours now.

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