WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

It’s a new month and a new theme for WIAW thanks to Peas & Crayons (Hi Jenn!). I documented these eats on Saturday before I knew about the April Challenge, so I’ll do better next week!

weekend-021-300x225 weekend-023-300x268 weekend-024-300x225 weekend-025-300x270 long-run-0101-239x300 long-run-001-300x271 long-run-002-225x300

  • bagel with cream cheese and cukes + OJ (and unpictured tea)
  • greek yogurt with strawbs
  • toasted turkey & cheese sammich, side of veggies with Humm caramelized onion hummus (mmmmmmm)
  • grapes & fibre 1 bar
  • Twirl ‘n’ Top treat!
  • pasta with marinara, chicken, red pepper, red onion, parmesan
  • pop chips + diet grapefruit soda for Saturday evening snacking


Weigh In

Week 1: -4.2 
Week 2: -1.6
Week 3: -0.6
Week 4: -1.6       
Week 5: n/a
Week 6: n/a
Week 7: n/a
Week 8: -0.2
Week 9: n/a
Week 10: -1.4
Week 11: n/a
Week 12: n/a
Week 13: -4.6
Total: -14.2 lbs

I missed a couple of weeks, but here we are with 1.5 weeks to go and I’m feeling great. I am well within my own personal “acceptable” racing weight range and just a couple of pounds away from my lowest marathon weight. Mission to racing weight – successful!


18 thoughts on “WIAW + Weigh-In Wednesday

    • Sure does. It’s amazing what 5 lbs or so will do. I feel like a new person. Or at least more like the person I was at my last marathon before “off season” + Christmas! haha

  1. You have done so well with the weight loss! I am so impressed! Just because you always have grapes and they always look good I bought some this week but I keep forgetting to bring them!

  2. Marlene you’ve done a spectacular job on all training fronts! Great job on the weightloss. I am beyond excited for you as Boston quickly approaches.

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