Boston+ Training – Week 14

First official week of taper is in the books! I didn’t have any official mileage plans given my unconventional non-training plan approach. I took it a day at a time, and also enjoyed the decent weather for some more outdoor cycling on my new ride. We are getting very comfortable with one another now. 🙂

workouts-011-300x224Monday – Took the bike out for a short spin around the neighbourhood before Masters swim (2300m, 1:00).

workouts-007-300x240Tuesday – Easy 7.7K run over lunch and another short ride after work – still too chicken to leave the neighbourhood.

workouts-001-258x300Wednesday – Met up with a couple of Selkies peeps for an 8.3K run from the pool before Masters swim (3000m, 1:25).

Thursday – Marathon clinic night and once of our members who works at the private school was able to arrange access to the nice track. I wasn’t feeling the speed work (surprise, surprise) and ran easy laps with another Boston-ite chatting all about the upcoming (!!) weekend. 13.2K total.

Friday – We had a big group ride planned and it would be first first “big girl” ride on the new bike. I was nervous but had a ton of fun and felt very much at ease by the end of our 2 hour, ~50K ride. It was a blast and I’m looking forward to many days like this in the coming months.

workouts-008-300x184Saturday – Had the opportunity to meet up with Brian, Nikki and Kelly for my final long run. It’s nice when the “long” run only takes up about two hours of your day. We had a nice run in the marsh with a pretty quick pace that had me working. It was nice to get this one in the books!

Sunday – I took advantage of having my long run out of the way and rode my bike along part of the group long run route I had planned to check in on everyone. It was fun to roll up alongside the various pace groups dfor quick chats along the way, and I hung out at the water station for a bit to see everyone as well. Once I got home, I went out for a shorty 5K run around the neighbourgood to wrap up my week.



Total Run Distance: 56.0 KM (34.8 mi)
Total Run Time: 5:06:43
Run Pace: 5:28/KM (8:47/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 98.6 KM (61.3 mi)
Total Bike Time: 3:49:53
Average Speed: 25.7 kph (16.0 mph)

Total Swim Distance: 5300 m
Total Swim Time: 2:25:00

Total Training Time: 11:21:36

Untitled1It certainly wasn’t a typical “taper” week. I’ll be laying off the cycling and swimming this week in favour of extra rest and packing/prepping for the weekend. I also handed over all of my marathon clinic responsibilities for the next two weeks to my co-instructor (thanks Kev) and it is a huge relief not to have to think about that for the time-being. I’m only slightly pre-occupied. 🙂

I can’t believe we leave for Boston in FOUR DAYS.

One week to go!


20 thoughts on “Boston+ Training – Week 14

  1. Your run mileage was about where mine was last week. Now it’s time to really cut back and rest! Can’t even believe it’s here. C’mon weather gods–brings us cloudy and 55!

  2. 4 DAYS!!! It is so close! I have been looking at the weather for here (not Boston) but hopefully it will be very similar and just a gorgeous day for you and Mark to run a fabulous race!

  3. That’s a pretty awesome recovery week! I can’t believe how quickly Boston has come for you. Like Felice said above, your taper week wouldn’t be much of a taper for most people. 🙂

    • I still consider that week to be tapering since my running dropped from about 50 miles to 34.

      I’ll cut way back on everything else this week.

  4. Four days!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it (the race itself and all your other adventures)! Best wishes for an awesome trip!

  5. I’m so excited for you– can’t believe it’s almost here! Enjoy the extra rest and taper, I’m looking forward to hearing all about Boston!

  6. How many from your marathon clinic are going to Boston? It’s so much more fun when there are people that you know running with you – even if you don’t see them out on the course.

  7. How many from your marathon clinic are going to Boston? It’s so much more fun when there are people that you know running with you – even if you don’t see them out on the course.

  8. i bet you are just useless at work, i would be 🙂 i know you and hubs are going to have so much fun and make me clearly jealous that i didn’t put in the work last year to make it happen…who knows maybe someday!

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