Signs of Race Week

It’s really starting to look like race week around here.

busting out the shiny new shoes:

shoes-005-300x224operation hydration:

shoes-001-225x300packing list underway:

race-week-016-300x224 dining room table becomes “race/trip central”:

race-week-013-300x224checking the weather a couple times per hour day:

Untitled2-300x162 nutrition assembled:

race-week-014-300x224post-race treat stash is ready (I am not ashamed):

race-week-011-300x224a trip to the thrift store for fashionable throw-aways:

race-week-001-225x300hubs got a bit carried away in the kids’ department…

race-week-005-214x300race day clothing options being considered:

race-week-015-300x224wearing compression socks even more than usual:

race-week-017-225x300 Other unpictured signs of race week:

  • tucked in by 9:30PM every night
  • the bathroom scale is showing good things
  • all caught up on the PVR (DVR)
  • lack of focus at work and my desk looks like a tornado hit it
  • email/FB/twitter flooded with well-wishing emails from friends near and far (thank you!)

2 sleeps til we head to Boston; 5 sleeps til the big day!


49 thoughts on “Signs of Race Week

  1. Are you sleeping in separate beds or do you figure you’re ok since you’re not going for a huge PR? 😉

    I feel like I’m getting a bit of a tickle in my throat so I was thinking of sleeping in the guest bed to lower the risk of getting my husband sick. It is fine for the crew/cheerleader to feel like ass on race day, not so much for the runner.

    • Hehe, no separate beds this time. We are pretty laid back about the race and it’s amazing what a difference it is not to be stressing about getting sick, what to eat, the weather, etc. I’m stil checking the weather… just not stressing. 🙂

      I hope you feel better and that hubs stays healthy!!

  2. AWESOME! And why should be be ashamed of minieggs and chocolate pretzels. You should see Saturday nights pre-long runs at my place… Enjoy Boston! Maybe the Sox will even win a game while you’re there.

    • Well I hope they win on Sunday when we’re AT the game!

      I can’t wait to tear into these goodies. I don’t eat a perfect diet by any means, but I have been trying to cut the junk as much as possible the last couple of weeks. I’ll be making up for lost time. ha!

  3. Love this! 🙂
    And if that is the only post race snack you allow yourself…….SHAME ON YOU! Hee, hee.
    We have suitcases across the living room and my dining room table looks like a Boston explosion!

  4. Not just any race week…a freakin’ awesome race week you both work hard to get to.
    Enjoy every second of it and I truly hope the hubs busts out the dalmation sweater on race day.
    Better yet..he should look for a unicorn hat to complete the look.

    • You should have seen some of the other stuff that didn’t make the cut. (Amazing how overpriced some items are.) Mark was embarassed by the camera in the store. 😉

  5. OH God !!! so nervous for you guys!!! but soooo exited!!!!! Good Luck!!!! run like the wind!!!! and take lots of pictures!!!!

  6. Love the throw away outfits. I made a visit to the thrift store as well, all I got was fleece….bottoms and top! You are super organized…I’m almost packed but quite sure I’ll forget something! So far weather looking good, and fingers crossed!

  7. i think you need to wear the pink! isnt that your lucky shirt!

    excitement is all around! wishing you lots of luck! and sending you good vibes, good weather and good sleeps before the race!

    • Good eye, Aneta! I’ve worn the middle one for my last two marathons, both BQs. Definitely a fave and front runner for Marathon Monday!

  8. ummmmm.

    where are the m&m’s.

    now we are officially not friends.

    not sure how effective hubs’ outfit will be at keeping him warm, but at least it has dalmatians.

  9. Is there a site where we can track Boston? I know nothing about it but, its been super fun getting excited for you and with you…I can’t wait to hear all about it. Good LUck!!

  10. Looks like you are very organized and ready to go! So exciting that it is finally almost here! Those mini eggs are going to taste so good! I always have candy for my post race recovery!

  11. Happy travels!!! I wrote a recent post perfectly geared towards you and all those traveling here to Boston 🙂

    Funny, my husband (who is running Boston w/ me) has a date w/ the thrift store before Monday. With 2 runners in the family, we’re running out of junky clothes to use as throwaways!

    Wishing you a fantastic race day!

  12. So excited for you. Good luck at Boston! You’re done the hard work and you are going to do great. Enjoy every minute. 🙂

  13. I am so excited for you, man you have come a long way and it has been a joy following you. Have a great time and make memories!

  14. ‘Busting out operation hydration’ – Love that phrase. The busting out probably has a subliminal meaning. What goes in has a tendency to come out.

    I’ll be thinking of you Monday.

    • BAHAHAHA, I will definitely leave it at the start for you. Maybe I should save this one for SL. It’s kind of a keeper….

      ❤ you!

  15. WooHoo! So excited for both of you. Your hubby has impeccable thrift store taste. That’ll be so distinctive in Hopkinton! Love the color palate you have picked out for race day. Praying it won’t get too hot. Go get it girl!

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