That’s a wrap!

Training Summary – the numbers:
[excluding race week]

# weeks: 14

# runs: 84

total run distance: 903.8 KM (561.6 mi)

average run distance: 10.7 KM (6.6 mi)

total run time: 90 hours, 49 minutes, 13 seconds

average weekly run mileage: 64.5 KM (40.1 mi)

highest weekly run mileage: 82.5 KM (51.3 mi) – Week 10

highest monthly run mileage: 320.9 KM (199.4 mi) – March

# runs 30K (18.6mi) or more: 7

# runs 32K (20mi) or more:  5

longest run: 36.0 KM (22.4 mi) – Week 10

cycling distance/time: 953.2 KM (592.3 mi) / 37 hours, 37 minutes

swimming distance/time: 85,200m / 39 hours, 40 minutes

highest volume week (swim/bike/run total): 15:00:59 – Week 7


Talk about a difference from my first BQ training cycle! Interestingly, my overall training time this time around including swim/bike/run (approx. 166 hours) is greater than my overall training (all running) time (approx. 143 hours) despite the cycle being 4 weeks shorter.

Before qualifying, I was always pretty certain that I would approach training for Boston differently since I would be in it for the experience, not the time on the clock. Of course, I never imagined it would be so dramatically different. This time last year I’m pretty sure I would have sworn up and down that you’d never catch me in a triathlon. How things change…

I have really enjoyed the variety of training, though I occasionally miss the run focus that I once had – pounding out the miles and getting stronger and faster by the week. That’s not to say that can’t happen with tri training, but it’s not where I am this year. Who knows where my training will take me after this (well I do have some idea) but I’m enjoying the ride. For now, I’m living in the moment and I’m going to have the time of my life over the next several days no matter what the numbers say.

Last night we received a memorable send-off from our peeps in the marathon clinic. I could not ask to be surrounded by a more awesome group of people and I am truly overwhelmed by their support. There were many good lucks, best wishes and hugs, ultimately bringing me to tears. I think emotions have been bubbling just below the surface all week and they finally erupted. I am such a sap. 🙂

I want to send out a great big thank you to everyone (both the ‘virtual’ community and my friends & family IRL) for the outpouring of support via the blog, email, FB, twitter and in person not only this week but throughout this entire journey. Everyone who has cheered me on in a race, commented on a post (or a thousand), “liked” something I posted on FB, tweeted (etc, etc, etc) – thank you will never be enough, but please know that it means more to me than words can say that you have encouraged me to go after it and believed in me every step of the way.

Special thanks to Caroline (Canadian Runner in Exile) who went to a ton of trouble in order to get me a copy of this book. It arrived just in time to bring along for the flight. Caroline was also kind enough to include me in this wonderful tribute post as well. I appreciate the kind words and I am honoured (with a U) to be included in such good company.

goodies-001And Meg, a friend about as good as they come, wrote a post all for me . Thank you for this and for always offering just the right balance of tough love (aka whoop ass) when needed, and cheer-leading. MORE COWBELL!

And we’re off!

Live tracking on Marathon Monday at

Bib # 14950 (+ Hubs # 5856) – Wave 2 at 10:20AM EST


29 thoughts on “That’s a wrap!

  1. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu will do awesome! safe travels, have fun, and kick ass! 🙂 if you don’t beat maurk, well, don’t bother coming back. just kidding, he gets that unfair head start.

  2. I just know you and Hubbs will wring every drip of enjoyment out of your Boston adventure. I look forward to following along. Your training has been so solid, you will no doubt enjoy an amazing day!

  3. You are such an inspiration to many! Boston is going to be amazing, enjoy every mile! You have earned it….how far you have come! Been so exciting to watch! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  4. You are all set and ready to go on this well deserved race…hope to see you there! Safe travels and all the best…..might be a hot one, but hoping that changes! Woo hoo…finally time.

  5. thank you Marlene…I see I skipped a word in my note…wishing you….
    I am sure you knew what I meant 🙂

    Your dream is here!!!!! Go get it!
    So very happy for you!!!
    and I like that comment from the coach Ken
    Run like a Canadian!!!!

  6. Good luck, good luck, good luck!! I’m sure you will both have such a brilliant time, and I can’t wait to read all about it!

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