Boston: Our first 2 days

Thank you so much for all of the comments, emails, messages, tweets, etc. over the last several days. Sharing this experience and knowing so many of you were watching from near and far made it even better. My race report is coming soon, but for now here is a run-down of the first part of our memorable weekend in Boston.


Boston-Day-1-0021-300x225It all started Friday night when my Mom dropped us off at the airport. I was giddy with anxiety and excitement, and luckily everything went smoothly. I had fun spotting Boston jackets at both airports from previous years and scoping out other tell-tale signs that passengers were on their way to the race.

Boston-Day-1-003-300x225We were staying at a Best Western in South Boston for our first night. It was late, but we were starving so we went for a walk to try and find something decent to eat. We quickly learned that it wasn’t in the nicest area so we didn’t stray too far from the hotel and ended up grabbing “dinner” from the gas station.

Boston-Day-1-005-225x300It was a late night (about midnight by the time we turned in) and the alarm was set early so we could be at the Expo by the time it opened.


We bought “T” passes so we could get around on the subway lines, and it was a pretty easy trip out to the Expo at the Seaport World trade Center.

Boston-Day-1-006-225x300This is when it really started to feel real. We decided to scope out the merchandise first, while the rest of the crowd filed into packet pick-up. The sea of orange was amazing. I honestly wanted one of everything, but settled on the jacket (duh!), hoodie, tank top and a tee shirt. I teared up a bit trying on the jacket. Is that bad luck to try it on? I wasn’t sure but I am not superstitious anyway. I certainly wasn’t going to wear it out in public like many others were. (What’s up with that?? Lots of people were even wearing their official race shirts before the big day.)

Boston-Day-1-009-300x225After buying our goods, we headed over to pick up our packets. There weren’t any lines and they really made the process easy.

Boston-Day-1-008-300x225 Boston-Day-1-007-300x225It’s official!


We decided not to stick around since we would be returning later with the rest of our group arriving that day. Instead, we hauled our loot back to the Best Western to get re-organized and head to our hotel for the next 3 nights, The Lenox.

Boston-Day-1-014-300x225We checked out and we were able to catch a complimentary shuttle to Back Bay Station, which was a short walk to The Lenox. It blew my mind when I saw just how close we were to the finish line. This was the view right from the entrance to the hotel:

Boston-Day-1-026-225x300The Lenox was all decked out for the marathon from the key cards to the elevator doors, and it was a thrill to find ourselves right in the middle of the action.

Boston-Day-1-019-300x225Boston-024-225x300The energy at the hotel and all over downtown was just incredible. The place was crawling with runners and there was immediate camaraderie among all of us. The staff were nothing but supportive and made us feel like complete rock stars.

First things first, our jackets were hung in the closet ready to be worn on Monday:

Boston-Day-1-022-225x300Next stop was the finish line to check it out live and in person.

Boston-Day-1-029-225x300 Boston-Day-1-030-225x300We stopped for lunch at ‘B Good’ for delicious veggie burgers, then went for a walk around Boston Common and explored more of the downtown area.

Boston-Day-1-040-300x225 Bos-300x229It was such a nice day that I couldn’t say no to the ice cream truck!

Boston-Day-1-051-225x300We made it back to the hotel with for a bit of down time before the rest of our gang arrived. I got super pumped all over again when we met up in the lobby and got to start sharing the excitement.

We all headed back to the Expo and stayed a bit longer this time to check things out, but it was extremely busy and we didn’t last too long.

Boston-005-300x225We got to meet Kathrine Switzer and she told us that she’s coming to Toronto for our marathon in a few weeks.

Boston-007-225x300We were all pretty pooped and ready to head back to the hotel after scoping out a few booths. We had a little bit of down time and then got ready for dinner at The Lenox City Table. Great meal and we even had some wine (just one glass for me).

Boston-012-300x225After dinner, we hit the sack and I slept like a rock. Lenox beds & pillows are ridiculously comfortable. Ahhhh………

Boston-Day-1-018-300x225On that note, are we the only married couple that gets excited to sleep in separate beds at hotels? STARFISH!

This is getting long and picture-heavy, so I’ll save our next 2 days for a separate post. Thanks for reading!

Sadly, it’s back to reality…


25 thoughts on “Boston: Our first 2 days

  1. Can’t wait to
    For the record…I didn’t put on ANY of my finisher stuff….it just didn’t seem “right”. Plus, once I WAS done and got to REALLY put it on, I was completely emotional and it felt truly REAL….like I earned it!

  2. I am so excited to read more and totally enjoyed hearing about the first two days….is it weird that I feel like I am (was) actually there with you by reading this? 😉

    Also, when I first started running about a year ago and then signed up for my first 7K the FIRST THING my Y “running friends” (who have run a lot of races) told me WAS this: Never WEAR it until you EARN it! HA! I am surprised to hear you saw so many wearing their gear already….just wouldn’t think they would do that in Boston.

  3. Great pics and recap of your first couple of days. Your hotel was amazing what a great place you got to stay! I was also amazed that there were no lines at the bib pick up…. Can’t wait to read about the rest of your adventure!

  4. Girl.
    I feel like I was there w/you!!
    What amazing photos!!
    Love all the signs around Boston. They know how to do it.
    Your energy & enthusiasm [sp] is contagious.

  5. Can’t wait to read more! And yes, we get excited when we get to a hotel and find out there are 2 queens instead of a king…glorious! And it’s a “must have” if race travel is involved 🙂

  6. oh so fun and exciting!!! got the chills!!! can’t wait to read more. SCORE on that hotel. I’m going to file that away in my (boston marathon someday) file!! 😉

  7. Boston is most likely not going to happen for me (I’m way too slow) so I’m enjoying your recap so far. Getting me excited for the Goodlife half in a couple of weeks.

    I also never wear the shirt until I’ve finished the race but that’s going to change as I’m not running the Yonge Street 10K due to a healing stress fracture but I’m going to pick up the shirt anyways.

  8. ha! when one of us can’t sleep or is sick and sleeps in the other room, i love it! nothing like having the bed to myself for a night. but just a night.

    love the pics!! glad you had such a good time.

  9. Sounds like an incredible experience. I heard your name being called out during the race and I wondered if it was you right behind me…and probably passed me. Not sure your time yet but I hope you had a better race than I did. 🙂

  10. Living here in Massachusetts, its fun to read the perspective from someone traveling in for the marathon! What a great experience to be at the hotel RIGHT there! We scored a similar great hotel last October when I ran Cape Cod Marathon. It just adds to the experience 🙂

    Again, congratulations!!!!

  11. Reality must be a let down after that.
    Glad as I kept reading to see that you moved to a nicer hotel.

    And the people who didn’t finish the race…..they were the ones who wore the shirts and jackets ahead of time.

  12. I loved the first recap.

    You were really close to the finish line in your hotel. I can only imagine the excitement of being in the middle of something so big.

    And what I like a lot too: usually at pics of you, your hair is kept away from your face. I loved seeing pics where you wear your hair “normal”.

    I have to say I was pretty proud to read that a Dutch athlete: Michael Butter, finished 7th at the men’s race. But my heart was with you and another blogger who ran and finished Boston.

  13. I always play ‘spot the runner’ when I’m heading away for races too. Last trip to Melbourne it was ‘spot the runner’ and ‘spot the body builder.’ It was tricky but I managed not to confuse them.

    Can’t wait for the next instalment in the series.

  14. I always play ‘spot the runner’ when I’m heading away for races too. Last trip to Melbourne it was ‘spot the runner’ and ‘spot the body builder.’ It was tricky but I managed not to confuse them.

    Can’t wait for the next instalment in the series.

  15. I am glad I wasn’t the only one that thought all of those people wearing their jackets/race shirts before race day were a tiny bit nuts!

  16. Can’t wait to read the rest..your FB pics made me all smiley.
    Separate beds….YES PLEASE!! Never a doubt we sleep apart if there are 2 beds in a hotel.

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  18. I’ve never slept in a separate bed, but then again I’ve never been married. 🙂 I’m just catching up now with your report! Nice start to your trip. I looooove the ice cream. I think I saw that picture before, but it’s really giving me craving!

  19. I was pretty shocked at all the folks wearing their race garb beforehand, until the weather situation fully set in (I was totally in denial that the weather would be as hot as it was until the last minute). I think people just didn’t care anymore since the times were going to be so bad. One of my friends posted on f/b about that. I tried on my jacket, but then put it back. I also tried on the tee at the expo, and then wrapped it back up. I did buy brand new shorts at the expo, and raced in them without trying them. That was about as “dangerous” as I was willing to be. I decided that if it was really going to be as hot as it was suggested, I would need my tri shorts. Ryan would not bring them (I left 3 days ahead of him because of his work schedule, and his rational was that I was not swimming or biking for the race). My mom bought me new zoot shorts that are my tri shorts, just without the pad.

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