Boston: Our next 3 days

We left off with a recap of our first 2 days in Boston. Moving forward…


574803_10151534487320454_644290453_23762782_677209448_n-225x300We had arranged to meet in the lobby for a run with the Newmarket gang Sunday morning. We headed out at 7am in order to beat the crowds, since the BAA 5K would be starting at 8. It was exciting to walk outside and see even more progress on the finish area. The flags were up!

380361_10151534484665454_644290453_23762767_1561786077_n-300x225We warmed up with a walk then took a leisurely run around Boston Common and the Public Garden, exploring some back streets on the way back when Boylston had started filling with runners.

541964_10151534486380454_245304577_n-300x225427880_10151534486685454_644290453_23762778_555098315_n-300x225After showering up, hubs and I went for breakfast at Panera and watched some of the 5K. Soon after, I heard from Bethany and she met me on Boylston. We went for a little stroll to watch the Invitational Mile, then Ryan joined us and we took a walk on Newbury street to get smoothies. It was so nice to meet them and spend a bit of time chatting about Boston, races, and life in general.

563338_10151534488480454_644290453_23762789_1946980515_n-225x300After Bethany dropped me off, hubs and I went and did a little more wandering and stopped for pizza slices from the grocery store. Then it was time to rally up the gang and walk to Fenway!

551866_10151534490370454_644290453_23762804_809452530_n-300x225It was baseball mania and so different from what we are used to in terms of ball parks. The entire area was just hopping with Red Sox energy. We had seats in the bleachers and the view was just fine, but unfortunately we were sitting in full sun and it was sweltering. It was getting really uncomfortable and we didn’t have access to enough water, so hubs and I ended up calling it quits after 4 innings. I was glad that we had the opportunity to check it out, but just couldn’t handle another couple hours in the sun. The Sox did end up winning, though!

72965_10151534493480454_644290453_23762827_716068890_n-300x225We arrived back at our room to find goodie bags from New Balance and The Lenox. It was such a nice surprise and just one of many special touches that made our stay special.

524322_10151534494165454_644290453_23762832_2101480604_n-225x300We cooled off and relaxed in the hotel room for a while and I got busy getting everything laid out for the next morning (!!!).

We had a dinner reservation at Papa Razzi that night, just around the corner from the hotel. The food and service were excellent and I enjoyed a hearty portion of pasta. A few of us indulged in a glass of wine again (just one!) and even a light dessert (sorbet). It was a short stroll back to the hotel and we turned in early to finish getting ready and tuck ourselves in before the big day.

One last peak at the weather… yep, it was still going to be HOT HOT HOT. Nonetheless, we were ready!


Marathon Monday 580174_10151534496900454_644290453_23762858_1917169458_n-225x300

The good stuff is coming soon, I promise!

154786_10151534507125454_644290453_23762930_380806304_n-300x225After the race… our group had reservations for a celebratory dinner at Ye Olde Union Oyster House, which was kind of funny since I don’t eat seafood.  They had a couple of other options and a decent wine list, so it was all good. The “best” part was that we were seated on the third floor! Oof. Check out our matching sunburns:

383533_10151534507660454_644290453_23762936_26712375_n-300x225We had a really good time celebrating with the gang and sharing stories from our day. After dinner, the “grown-ups” grabbed a spot in our hotel pub while the “kids” went for a walk looking for ice cream. Perfect way to end the day.


The intention was to sleep-in, but of course I was wide awake and restless by 6:30AM. We got busy packing up before meeting everyone for a late breakfast. It was great seeing the sea of orange jackets (and other accessories) all over the place. Marathoners were pretty recognizable by our hobble as well. 🙂

We hopped on the “T” and headed to Haymarket to explore a bit of Quincy Market. It was yet another clear, hot and sunny day. At least we didn’t have to run anymore!

Untitled3-300x258There may have been more ice cream…

580893_10151534584155454_644290453_23763341_1970818032_n-300x225We had to boogie back to the hotel to check out and the rest of our hang was headed to the airport. Hubs and I were flying out later so we were able to store our bags with the concierge and head out for a bit more sight-seeing.

Untitled4-300x225We decided to visit the waterfront/aquarium area, and stumbled upon Little Italy while we were there. A friend had told me about Mike’s Pastry and we ended up finding it completely by accident. I felt like I was in an episode of Cake Boss in there, with traditional Italian Mamas behind the counter and people shouting out orders all over the place. It was the best cannoli ever!

529747_10151534590245454_644290453_23763398_1294428882_n-300x225 580777_10151534590680454_644290453_23763402_2146085916_n-300x225 We had an indulgent lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (hubs’ pick) before picking up our bags at the hotel and catching a lift to the airport. I couldn’t believe it was all over.

So long, Boston! We’ll be back…


25 thoughts on “Boston: Our next 3 days

  1. You guys really got to explore Boston… I love that you made it to a baseball game, too. What a fun weekend, and I love the ice cream rewards! Can’t wait to hear the marathon details!

  2. Boston seems like a lot of fun! Maybe one day I will get there 🙂

    Cheesecake factory….I think last time I went there I ended up waddling out as I was so full.

  3. Race report! Race report! Race report! What a tease you are! BUT you like fresh as can be in all the pics! It is hard to believe our paths never crossed because we were at all the same places! Hee, hee.

  4. Glad you had a great time in Boston and survived the random heat wave! Also glad the sox actually won a game for you, amazing! 🙂 Yes, Mike’s has the best canolis ever. Dangerous!

  5. Don’t know if you remember two years ago when I ran Boston with Katie A…..the whole time we were running, I said, “Mike’s Pastry!!!” She was so sick of hearing it. Bahahaha.

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful experience. There are moments in time in our lives that we shut our eyes and say, “I will always remember this moment.” I think Boston will be top of the list for you guys! 🙂

    Congratulations again!! 🙂

  6. It looks like you had so much fun – I’m jealous (insert stubborn pout here, LOL).

    I’m glad to read your adventures here, you give me some interesting ideas on how to go about my marathon training program. Keep them comin’ okay? You just earned another loyal reader 🙂


  7. You’re so mean 🙂 saving the best part for last 🙂

    Just kidding, I loved this report too. Looks like the two of you had an awesome time in Boston.

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