It’s crazy to think that 11 days ago (to the minute) I was about to start the Boston Marathon. Sometimes it all feels like a dream and I’m sitting here wondering, ‘Did that really happen?’

Yep, it sure did.

springs-020-246x300I seem to go back and forth between being high on post-Boston adrenaline and low on post-Boston blues. Sharing more stories at the Marathon Clinic last night took me right back. If I try hard enough, I can see the crowds and hear the sounds and feel the heat. I look at the pictures and relive moments that I hope to remember forever. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Yes, I will do it again (as soon as possible), but there will never be another “first Boston” – I’m not quite sure if that makes me feel elated or depressed.

Boston was hyped up so much for so long that I honestly wondered if if could possibly meet my high expectations. Of course, it blew them out of the water. From the start line to the finish line and everything before, after and in between, it was everything they said it would be and more.

529345_10151534442105454_644290453_23762574_1512489249_n-225x300Confession: I’ve been in extreme lazy recovery mode, which I had planned for one week but not necessarily two. Whoops. I’ve been out for a couple of short, easy runs but I feel pretty sluggish in general. I seem to have taken an impromptu hiatus from cycling and swimming… back at both next week!

run-005-225x300Confession 2: My diet is out of control and needs to get back on track STAT. It’s a slippery slope once I get off track. I’m too embarrassed to even tell you what I’ve been eating! I feel like a fat kid trapped inside a [Boston] marathoner’s body.

So aside from getting off the couch and out of the treat cupboard, what’s next? This week I signed up for the next big thing. Stay tuned…


20 thoughts on “After

  1. I can so relate to this post! I guess that’s why I already signed up for my next big thing too (wink). But I already outed myself!

    I could so easily slip into my natural junk food (or sometimes no food) diet, which is why running is so good for me. I HAVE to eat if I want my run to go well, etc. So running forces that discipline that doesn’t come naturally to me.

    I love that people are still writing about Boston, because it allows me to keep reliving it too! So, thank you!

  2. So if you could do Boston as a non-qualifier (i.e., as a charity runner), would it be the same/would you feel second class and like you didn’t belong? I’m considering doing it next year because my daughter is at school in the area and her school has a team that includes parents-you just have to raie money for charity.

    • I certainly don’t look down on the charity runners in any way and they clearly belong since they are a big part of this race. However, since I have qualified and know I am capable tof doing so again, I would never go that route personally. Good luck if you decide to go for it – it would be an incredible experience!

      • Thanks! I’m going to give it some thought but am leaning to doing it. The only thing is that had I done all the training for this year, personally I would NOT have been a candidate to have run it in the conditions that you faced so I would have been like the guy who is climbing Everest but has to turn back before reaching the summit because the time window has closed. I suppose that is true of any race though-we can’t control the race day conditions.

  3. I remember coming home from Boston the first time and it just being a sad couple weeks. Even when you go back to Boston to run, the next time it’s not as thrilling as it was the first. Nothing will ever match that first time. But still tons of fun :).

    I know you’ll get right back into the saddle with the training and diet next week….we all need a little downtime to appreciate the hard training that much more!

  4. Before Boston I got the feeling that this lull of “post-boston blues” would happen. I likened it to being a “bride-to-be” with all of that amazing attention and excitement, only to then become a “wife,” which in and of itself is damn cool, just like being a marathoner. Hard work that is so much fun and such a huge part of life.
    Luckily, marathoners get to have lots of chances to race and feel the triumph of the finish line, and of course, a really great arsenal of photos of Boston to show off to anyone that will show even the slightest amount of interest!!

  5. I could have written a lot of that! It lived up to my expectations and then some. It was surreal really. I hope there’s never another “first” Boston, at least as it relates to the heat lol. I’d love to experience everything else again. Take your time on the training and enjoy the food, you’ve worked hard and I know once you start back there will be no stopping you!

  6. Such a tease! Im worried about post marathon blues – thankfully I bet June will be super busy with stuff so I hope it will keep my busy.

  7. Something involving the word tri? Enjoy your rest. You’ll be busy soon enough. And I know what you mean about once you start eating it can so quickly get out of control. That’s me.

  8. I’m definitely going through the post-Boston effect myself……planned to really take only one week off before getting back to running again, but it’s now stretched through this week as well. It’s almost like “ok… what?”…..Boston was such a focus for so long……gotta just get out there and run this weekend. Hope you get out there soon, Marlene!

  9. So I’m guessing there’ll be no What I Ate Wednesday? Now I guess the next exciting thing on your horizon is your new puppy. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours – yep, we got a new one today and he’s just the cutest thing in the world.

  10. You’ve looked forward to Boston so long I can imagine how weird it is now that it’s all over.

    You are always so hardcore with your workouts, I don’t mind at all that you take 2 weeks off from it all, not even the food part. You deserved it in my opinion.

  11. LOL at the fat kid in the Boston Marathoner’s body. I want to run another marathon just so I can eat whatever I want afterwards. Is that so wrong?

    Enjoy your down time. You’ll be back at it soon enough.

  12. something about this post makes me teary. I think, one, because I’m so happy it was all you had hoped to be and more…and second, because it makes me want it more…that there really is no experience like Boston. So happy for you. Enjoy those treats!!! Don’t feel guilty. You earned them. I need to get back on track myself. I think my race depression sent me into binge mode. 😦

  13. Oh my!! I can’t wait to hear what is next on the schedule for you! I think it’s okay that you have taken a little down time for yourself. You have worked your ass off for the last year for this. Enjoy it girly!!

  14. i know what you mean about the diet. mine has been out of control also! need to start tracking and watching what i am eating! and when!

    dont be too hard on yourself. you and your body deserve a break. enjoy it and all the celebration food and drinks. you will know when its time to get back into it.

    i wonder what this big thig is that you signed up for. i think its a half iron man… i right or am i wrong???? cant wait to find out!

  15. I am soooo proud of you!! Sick today…so I have time to get caught up on my favorite Canadian..

    FYI I had the same feelings after last year.. and I still cant get my diet in check..

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