April 2012

* Yesterday I was featured in a segment on Success Stories over at Healthy Tipping Point to celebrate the Caitlin’s book release. You can check it out here! *

Total Run Distance: 198.1 KM (123.1 mi)

# Runs: 17

Total Cycling Distance: 159.6 KM (99.2 mi)

# Rides: 6

Total Swim Distance: 9500m

# Swims: 4

Races: Boston Marathon!


Favourite Workout: ^ see above ^

Most Hardcore Workout: ^ see above ^


Book,TV Show, Movie and/or Song of the Month: The Biggest Loser! Finale is on tonight and I’m rooting for Kim!

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Toenail casualty(ies). It’s gross and can be uncomfortable, but I get a sick satisfaction from losing toenails. So far, one has bitten the dust post-Boston.

Indulgence of the Month: Far too many to name. Over the last two weeks, if I saw it and it looked tasty, chances are I ate or drank it. Back on the healthy train now.

Obsession of the Month: It rhymes with Moston Barathon.


Food and/or Drink of the Month: I’ll go with my favourite “new to me” meal, which was the veggie burger with sweet potato fries from B Good. Too bad we don’t have one here.


Current Wish-List: For everything to go smoothly as Nolan finishes his treatment this month. It’s been a long road and it’s just about time to celebrate!

Current Need: New helmet + hydration system for my bike – the list is never ending.

Triumph of the Month: Earning these jackets & medals!


#FAIL of the Month: I can’t think of anything – I guess that’s a good thing!

Current Excitement: One of these little guys is coming home TOMORROW! (although they aren’t quite so little anymore.)


Current Goal: To reach my $1,500.00 fundraising target for Nolan’s Dream Chasers! (Less than $400 to go!) There’s still time to donate and enter my giant fundraiser giveaway! Thanks for your support – every dollar counts!



12 thoughts on “April 2012

  1. Boston.

    Please reference your BOSTON experience often.
    BOSTON makes me smile.
    Just saying BOSTON makes me smile.
    Not to mention reading the word BOSTON.

    You. Rock.

  2. Marlene!!! What an amazing month you have had!!!!!! You are such an inspiration!!!!!
    I have a question; I have a few races coming up and would love to run them in behalf of little Nolan, what can I do? Do you sell tshirts with his name or something that I can wear? I will Definetely donate this week too in your page, but I want to take it a little further and maybe raise some money withing my friends and clients to send your way for Nolan. Let me know your thoughts…. My email is; yprunner@yahoo.com
    (you can also message me by Facebook, Yahu Palacios-Gonzalez

  3. i saw the fb preview-post for that htp thing. the blurb it showed said something about “and now i’m expecting my first…” and i said MAURLENE DID NOT TELL ME THIS! and then i realized there were other people in that blog post and you were not the pregnant one.

  4. Your guilty pleasure made me laugh. There’s nothing that shows that you’re more hard core than a black or lost toenail. And your favourite workout – not really surprised about that one.

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