What I Ate Wednesday: the “Back on Track” Edition

I’ve missed out on a few weeks of everybody’s favourite food-gawking party hosted by Peas & Crayons. Back to it!

As I’ve already confessed, there have been far too many indulgences over the last couple of weeks since Boston… and far too few veggies! As of Monday, I am back on track and already feeling much better. Junk food sure tastes good but it makes me feel like, well, junk!

First things first, a haul of fresh produce to start the week!

Sprigs-005-300x225Here’s what I ate on Monday/Tuesday. I failed to take pictures of my eats for one entire day, so this is a mish mash of two days but it’s a pretty good represenation of my take on healthy eats for a light workout day.

WIAW-0331-224x300 WIAW-0351-224x300 WIAW-036-286x300 WIAW-037-300x224 WIAW-039-300x254 WIAW-040-300x149 WIAW-016-300x263 WIAW-030-300x224

  • morning tea
  • cereal with greek yogurt
  • apple, 2 x HB egg (1 yolk)
  • veg/quinoa/chickpea salad
  • grapes + diet coke
  • mini luna bar (yum)
  • mixed veg salad w/ chickpeas
  • slice of bread with PB post-swim

I need some new ideas. What are you eating?


15 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: the “Back on Track” Edition

  1. I am on an avocado kick lately. Mashing it up with then topping it with salsa. Eat it with some healthy crackers! Makes a great healthy snack!

  2. I second the avocado…I like to take Rivita crackers (the ones that remind most people of cardboard…but I actually like them) or rice cakes, put either laughing cow or cheddar on them, then avocado, then salsa…Delicious!

    Do you like edemame? I like to add that to salads too. There’s bagged and frozen PC edemame that is super convenient.

    • I actually like Ryvita too! I used to eat that with LC. Time to bring it back into rotation.

      I tried endamame once but I didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to eat the pod and it was somewhat traumatizing – ha! I need to try that again.

  3. Count me in for avocado. I cook up black beans with cut up tomato or salsa, red pepper, corn and green onion with chilli powder and serve it on rice with avocado. This mixture is good in wraps as well or even served on greens.

  4. I mix up a scoop of natural peanut butter with a scoop of vanilla yogurt and dip apple slices in it. I’m also on a celery w/pb kick (and I love avocados too!).

  5. I’ve been having kale and chickpeas dish with indian spice (and rice). I’ve also been eating a lot of rice crackers with hummus (that has olives in it) that is pretty tasty.

  6. Love avocado, but am on a sweet potato kick. i love it with pecans and a tsp of brown sugar. fills me up and satisfies my sweet tooth.

  7. Two of the yolks got eaten? Say it ain’t so!!!!!!

    I just made vegetable stir-fry with tempeh and a spicy sauce. It was awesome.

    I recently had couscous and black bean tacos.

    Corn Thins or Rice Cakes have been my go to along with Smoothies. I have been consuming those like they are going out of style. With the training being what it was I needed easy to do. Water, Ice, Herbalife Protein and blend. I’ve made Reese’s, Snicker’s, Oatmeal Cookies, Almond Pistachio Biscotti shakes…..so good!

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