Welland Half Iron Training – Week 1

Last week I kicked off my all-new training plan for my upcoming half iron event on June 23. After a couple of weeks of down time, I was definitely ready to get back into the swing of training and it feels good to have a plan again since I was pretty much winging it through Boston training.

I’ve also started using Training Peaks to track my workouts, because I find it works much better for multi-sport. Now I don’t have to manually tally my total training hours. 🙂 TP will also allow me to input my training schedule ahead of time time if I decide to upgrade to the premium version. I might consider that down the road, but the freebie works fine for me now. (Of course, I am still using DailyMile for the social aspect.)

Monday – bike + swim

I hopped on the trainer after work for a ride and it was not fun! It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden indoors and I remembered exactly how boring it is, not to mention the fact that I always feel like I’m pedalling through quick sand on that thing. Blech.


20.0 KM (12.4 mi) – 46:15 – 25.9 kph (16.1 mph)

After that I prepped & scarfed dinner in 10 minutes flat then headed to the pool for my first time back at Masters swim since before Boston. I expected it to be tough getting back into the groove, but it wasn’t bad at all. Felt great to be back in the water again!

2000m – 1:00:00
400 w/u, 3 x 400 (100 kick, 300 free), 200-100-50-25 free, 25 c/d 

Tuesday – tempo run

The return of Tempo Tuesdays! I headed out at lunch for an 8K run with 4K tempo. Being just two weeks post-Boston and knowing that it had been a long time since I had done any speed work, I gave myself permission ahead of time to break it up into 2 x 2K with a short break in between. That is exactly what I ended up doing and it went fine. Not great, but fine. I definitely have to leave my ego behind and forget about any pace expectations from previous cycles. It will come back!

8.0 KM (5.0 mi) – 42:24 – 5:18/KM (8:31/mi)
2 x 2000 at 4:55, 4:57 (200 recovery) 4:56, 4:55

Wednesday – bikebrick runswim

I was up early and on the bike for another slug-fest trainer session. All I could think about was how I ever managed 2+ hours on this thing in the winter.

25.0 KM (15.5 mi) – 58:05 – 25.8 kph (16.0 mph)

I hopped off the bike, threw on a jacket and my Garmin and headed out into a foggy sunrise for a short brick run. Felt pretty good.

Miles-Home-Coming-005-300x224 Miles-Home-Coming-006-225x300

4.0 KM (2.5 mi) – 22:19 – 5:34/KM (8:58/mi)

I had intended to go to masters swim that evening but how could I leave the house after we just picked up our new puppy??

Thursday – run

It was our last official night at the marathon clinic and the group had a 9K run with 3K in the middle at marathon goal pace. I tagged along and had fun chatting away with everyone about upcoming marathon excitement. We got caught in a crazy thunderstorm and pouring rain, so the run back was much quicker than expected. Yikes!

8.8 KM (5.4 mi) – 50:00 – 5:42/KM (9:11/mi)

Friday – long run + swim

I wanted to get my “long” run (10 miles is not really long, but it’s long right now) done early because I had a ride planned for Saturday and a busy day at the Toronto Marathon on Sunday. I was out at 5am and had the pleasure of catching up with J for the first half. It was a really muggy morning and I was feeling pretty tired after our two first days/nights with Miles but it felt good to get it done.


16.0 K (9.9 mi) – 1:34:07 – 5:52/KM (9:28/mi)

Friday evening I was back at the pool for masters swim. We had descending pace sets and I was really pushing it by the end. Great workout.

2350m – 1:00:00
6 x 200 descending, 3 x 300 descending, 250 pull

Saturday – long ride

I had my first ever long solo ride planned for Saturday. Hubs helped me install my new aero water bottle first (love it) and I wason my way. Half an hour into the ride…. a flat tire! I was all set to practice what I had learned, only to realize that the nozzle on my spare tube wasn’t long enough for my race wheels. Shoot! Had to call hubs for rescue and I was all set to call it quits, but he brought my extra back wheel/tire and encouraged me to go on. I was glad that I did! I ended up having a great ride after that without any further issues… except running out of water since I lost half of what I had in my aero bottle when I turned the bike over. D’oh! I enjoyed the route I had planned out (and realized that you can get really, really far from home on a bike!) and hit some monster hills. All things considered, very happy with this ride!


63.1 KM (39.2 mi) – 2:04:59 – 30.3 kph (18.8 mph)

Sunday – run

I was up at 5am, our the door at 5:30 and supporting my clinic peeps at the Toronto Marathon all morning and into the afternoon. It was a ton of fun, but I was too beat by the time I got home (okay, and I wanted to play with Miles…) to head out for a run. I think spectating counts for something, right?

Swim Distance: 4350m
Swim Time: 2:00:00

Bike Distance: 108.1 KM (67.2 mi)
Bike Time: 3:49:19
Bike Average: 28.3 kph (17.6 mph)

Run Distance: 36.4 KM (22.8 mi)
Run Time: 3:28:50
Run Average: 5:45/KM (9:19/mi)

Overall Time: 9:18:09



13 thoughts on “Welland Half Iron Training – Week 1

  1. I love TrainingPeaks. It makes the number geek in me happy. But, I still can’t stop using DailyMile. Kind of seems like overkill though. Great training week!

  2. Looks good! I just kind of stalked you on DM because I was wondering what you had done post marathon. I don’t want to get back into running too quickly and then hurt myself.

  3. Awesome training week! Glad to see that your short training week went so well and that Maurk got you back on your feet. That’s awesome support. 🙂

  4. Great workout week Marlene. I’m impressed that you did all your workouts and wasn’t tempted to stay home with Miles (I know I wouldn’t have been so strong 🙂 )

  5. Do you not watch movies or tv shows on the laptop while in the trainer? It is the greatest way to disassociate your brain from your legs. You forget that you are on the trainer when you are doing that.

    Way to get right back into it. June 23rd will be great.

  6. I love that you have the next big thing picked out and are already on your way with training! I think I’m just about back in the swing of things blog-wise, so I’ll look forward to following along! Also, not sure if I mentioned it before, but there’s no need to enter me in the giveaway for my donation. I’m just happy to donate!

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