Final Plea!

Sporting Life 10K is this weekend and Nolan is FINISHING TREATMENT. They even threw a little party for him at the hospital:

383556_10150747825070490_545895489_11878255_2146686956_nNolan’s Dream Chasers are ready to take Toronto by storm. Nolan has even been selected to go up on stage after the race and receive the ceremonial giant cheque for Camp Oochigeas! Please help us make that cheque as big as possible, and keep NDC in the top spot for fundraising teams.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. I am still $360 shy of my personal fundraising target and I would love it if you could help get me a little bit closer before Sunday. Every dollar counts.

Don’t forget my big fundraiser giveaway: $5 donation = 1 entry. Winner will be announced next week. (Odds of winning may seem slim but there are a couple of $250 donations that will not be counted in the raffle, as well as several people who have asked not to be entered.)

Here’s another look at all the goodies up for grabs:

Vega Sport 540g Pre-Workout Energizer in Acai Berry + shake mixer bottle + 12 Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars

Large selection of Snickers Marathon Energy Bars

Three non-slip headbands from Chickbands

Large selection of Rub-A535 muscle and joint creams

IFitness Ultimate Race Belt I

Autographed copy of Second Wind by Cami Ostman

Custom pace bands or race bib from Races2Remember (selected by winner)

Sof Sole socks and inserts (in winner’s size)

You can donate here.

You can help make a difference in the life of a child affected by childhood cancer. SL10K hopes to raise $1.5 million for Camp Oochigeas and send more kids to camp than ever before!


8 thoughts on “Final Plea!

  1. Whoot! Go, Marlene, Go!

    I think people should just donate to me instead ( LOL BUT, I will vouch for the socks and iFitness belt. Your prize is awesome! C’mon people, enter Marlene’s draw! 😀 😀

    You should mention how Nolan is one awesome kid and how he was selected to go pick up the big cheque! 😀 😀

    • LOL Meghan! And, um, I *did* mention that he’s picking up the cheque. It goes without saying that he is awesome… 🙂

  2. Such a great cause! Enjoy running your heart out for Nolan… he is going to be so proud picking up the cheque on the stage!

  3. I wouldn’t mind donate but I just made a big donation to a colleague of mine who will bike 8 times to the top the Alpe D’Huez in France next month. This is for raising money for the Cancer foundation in Holland. I can only spent my money once but I’m sure you’ll get the donations you need.

  4. So we are doing all this united way stuff at work and they are trying to get donations, but i would much rather see my money go to a specific person/place instead of just donating to a bigger company and then not knowing what it will be used for. I hope you reach your goal and have a good time at the 10k this weekend!

    • I generally hesitate to donate to massive organizations for that very reason. It feels better to give close to home, especially when there is some kind of personal connection to the cause.

      Anyway, thanks VERY much for the donation. I really appreciate the support!

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