578604_10151654346620454_644290453_23984849_363015832_nMiles has been home for 9 days now and he definitely seems to be enjoying his new lifestyle. He has his favourite spots, his favourite toys, his favourite treats. He is very sucky and loves to cuddle when he’s not in “puppy spazz mode.”

536059_10151708357715454_644290453_24053183_2010877102_nTraining is coming along, not without its challenges of course. We love figuring out how he thinks and watching him improve every day. Thankfully, he is almost completely house-broken and usually lets us know when he needs to go outside.

550238_10151618403190454_644290453_23963965_992895502_n1Night time is hit and miss – he sleeps pretty well but wakes up whining a few times most nights. (He is in a crate in our room, for those who asked.) He is also getting much better with being left in his crate during the day for periods of time.

For now Hubs is home full time and enjoying his “pupternity leave” as we like to call it. It’s so hard leaving for work every day when all I want to do is stay home with my guys. It also makes afternoons drag even longer when I’m anxious to get home for puppy time!

543376_10151618409820454_644290453_23963982_876089491_n1-225x300He still loves his naps… and so do we.

389767_10151662940585454_644290453_23991618_1494363079_n-300x225 528921_10151662941035454_644290453_23991622_804988773_n-300x225We have introduced him to a couple of new people (and my sister even puppy-sat for a few hours last weekend) and he was apprehensive at first, but warmed up quickly. Miles says, “It helps when they bring gifts!” 🙂

405045_10151716715295454_644290453_24075385_932569820_nAll in all, things are good and our little family is very happy. Never a dull moment with a puppy in the house!

556284_10151694469890454_644290453_24027776_2098194518_nHave a great weekend and thank you again for all of the support for Nolan’s Dream Chasers!


24 thoughts on “Pupdate

  1. Those big paws! He is absolutely adorable! There is nothing better than a sweet little puppy 🙂 One thing I read (to further your note about bringing new people around) is that you should introduce your puppy to everything he might ever experience in the first 12-14 weeks of his life. i.e. different surfaces, different people (people with hats, different sizes of people, etc.), water, environments. This way they won’t be scared of those things later in their lives.

  2. So sweet. Love Miles!

    When I stayed home from work with my Springer babe for 2 weeks, we called it PETernity leave. PUPternity is very cute!

    I read that puppies don’t have a lot of bladder control until 4 months so we need to let them out whenever they have eaten or drank something, when they wake up and every half hour otherwise! Smart little guy to be telling you when he needs to go and we had a crate in our bedroom too. She used to put herself there with her stuffed doggie at bedtime.

    Isn’t it cute how they just lay down and sleep anywhere when they are tired?


  3. Soak up all your time with him! We got a puppy in August and she grew up SO FAST! I love having a dog now with such a funny personality but I look back on her puppy pictures and miss when she was sooo small. Puppies/dogs are really the best!

  4. Wow–look what I’ve missed while away! I am in love with Miles–how darn cute! My favorite is the picture of him waiting to go outside. Have fun with a full weekend with him ahead of you!

  5. Love that cutie pie Miles!!! One of my Bella’s “boyfriends” is a german short haired pointer 🙂 They sure are energetic.

    And love the play on words (pupdate….pupternity leave)!

  6. “Puppy spazz mode” – great phrase! I know exactly what you mean. And so does poor Bubbles because she has to bear the brunt of it and it can be seriously annoying. And I love that last photo. Just too cute!

  7. Miles is so so cute and I see so many simular things to Bella. Like cuddling on the couch with hub or me. But the pic sitting in front of the window is exactly how Bella sits when she wants to go outside.

    I can totally understand how much you enjoy Miles, he’s so adorable.

  8. just saw you now have a GSP puppy! My husband & I own two of them & they are so much fun.

    i’m also on the board of a GSP Rescue & there are SO many dogs who need loving families, it’s unreal.

    Be prepared for non-stop madness & silliness!

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