Welland Half Iron Training – Week 2

I’m still juggling things around trying to settle in to a routine, but changing on the fly to accommodate “life” stuff. It’s been a bit of a challenge fitting (almost) everything in, but so far so good!

Monday – tempo run + swim

I moved “Tempo Tuesday” to Monday this week since I had taken a rest day in Sunday, in order to free up my schedule later in the week. I packed a bag and tackled the run over lunch. I decided to stick with 2000m tempo intervals again with a short 200m recovery job in between. I think the overall quality of the workout is nearly equal, but it’s so much more easy to handle mentally! It felt a bit better than last week, but still tough finding my tempo groove.

10.0 KM (6.2 mi) – 51:31 – 5:09/KM (8:17/mi)
3 x 2000 @ (4:52, 4:52) – (4:51, 4:51) – (4:52, 4:50)

That evening it was off to the pool for Masters where we did timed 100s for the entire hour. We were instructed to keep our pace as consistent as possible from the beginning of the set til the end. I actually loved this workout!

2000m – 1:00:00
20 x 100  

Tuesday – bike + brick run

I dragged myself up early for a ride on the trainer (more blahs – I really hate it right now) then headed right out for a brick run in the rain.

bike 18.5 KM (11.5 mi) – 45:00 – 24.7 kph (15.3 mph)
run 5.0 KM (3.1 mi) – 27:00 – 5:24/KM (8:41/mi)


Wednesday – bike + swim


I bike-muted Wednesday morning and had a great ride to work…. only to discover later in the day that I must have had a slow leak because my tire was flat! I had a spare tube, but no tools on me (#FAIL) but I was able to snag a ride home with a co-worker. Two flats on two different bikes in 5 days?! Enough already!

It was back to Masters Swim that evening, where it turned out to be a very relaxed session. It seemed like everyone was yapping away more than swimming. We had fun but I felt like a slacker by the end of the night!

29.2 KM (18.1 mi) – 59:39 – 29.4 kph (18.3 mph)

1600m – 1:20:00
4 x 400 free, 16 x 25 kick, 150-100-50-150-100-50 pull

Thursday – run

I met up with the marathon clinic peeps for a casual evening run. It was fun to chat with everyone a little more about their races last Sunday. Our session is officially over now (I survived!) but many of us will still be meeting casually before the next round starts (hint: I will not be coaching).


8.5 KM (5.3 mi) – 47:09 – 5:32/KM (8:54/mi)

Friday – long ride + brick run

I wanted to get my long run done on Friday ahead of a pretty busy weekend. I headed out after work solo and it was a challenging ride, with lots of wind, hills and rush hour traffic. I was white knuckling through most of it and I’d call this one a character builder! Also another “longest ride ever” milestone!

75.2 KM (46.7 mi) – 2:34:02 – 29.3 kph (18.2 mph)

I hopped off the bike, changed shorts and headed out immediately on wobbly legs for a brick run. Definitely felt strange at first and I was undoubtedly tired, byt my legs hung in there and I ended up maintaining a quick and consistent pace for 5K.

5.0 KM (3.1 mi) – 25:34 – 5:06/KM (8:12/mi)

I crashed hard after that and snuggled with a sleeping puppy for a bit before getting to bed early. Nothing like a 3 hour workout to start the weekend!


Saturday – REST!

It was nice having most of the day at home with hubby & puppy on Saturday, which was most of the reason I did my long ride Friday night knowing that I would be gone most of the day Sunday. We had a nice quiet day before I headed out to a team dinner with Nolan’s Dream Chasers.

Sunday – long run

Sporting Life 10K

I parked my car at the north end subway and ran down to the start to meet the gang. With the race being point-to-point, this would allow me to hop on the subway from the finish area back to the car and also gave me a chance to get my “long” run in the the extended warm-up before the race.

Nothing like running down Yonge Street in a cheetah skirt, rainbow leg warmers and day-glo orange shirt at 6:30AM…


7.3 KM (4.5 mi) – 40:08 – 5:32/KM (8:54/mi)
10.2 KM (6.3 mi) – 1:16:56 – 7:32/KM (12:07/mi)

Week 2 Totals

Swim Distance: 4600m
Swim Time: 2:20:00

Bike Distance: 122.9 KM (76.4 mi)
Bike Time: 4:18:41
Bike Average: 28.5 kph (17.7 mph)

Run Distance: 46.0 KM (28.6 mi)
Run Time: 4:28:18
Run Average: 5:50/KM (9:23/mi)

Overall Time: 11:06:59



11 thoughts on “Welland Half Iron Training – Week 2

  1. Holy pie chart.
    You are one busy lady.
    BTW your bathroom shots are by far the best in blog land. You should totally get an award for that.

    You. Are. Awesome.

  2. Busy week for sure but you did great fitting things in. Being flexible is so important in any program. I’m a bit of a chart fanatic and work with charts daily.

  3. I just get blown away sometimes about how you seem to manage to do it all – full time job, ridiculous amount of training and puppy-rearing. What a great week of training!

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