Sprigsville Wrist-Warmers & Headband – review + giveaway

Sprigs – “Refreshingly Original”

Sprigs offers a wide selection of functional and fashionable products, all of which having been designed based on the team’s real life experiences. Their innovative approach results in practical solutions to every day needs, with a fresh and creative spin. The makers behind Sprigs are active and outdoor-lovers, as clearly evidenced in their product line.

I had the opportunity to review wrist-warmers and a headband (which unfortunately does not seem to be on the website any longer. I have not heard back from my contact in this regard). I was eager to try both because I thought they would be suitable for both running and non-workout activities… such as eating ice cream.

Sprigs-001-300x219 springs-017-238x300The wrist-warmers are made from super soft and stretchy fleece and come in a variety of colours with a cute embroidered detail (seen below). They’re the perfect solution when you don’t quite need gloves but want a little bit of extra warmth around your wrists. I often find that my long-sleeved shirts fall short in sleeve length (maybe I have monkey arms?), so these are a great way to add a little extra cozy coverage – especially in the morning when it’s still chilly!

springs-001-300x224Does anyone else find that the office temperature is ridiculously cold? My hands become ice at work, but it’s difficult to do my job wearing gloves. Voila:

springs-002-300x224I’ve worn the headband on multiple runs, although it has become my go-to headband for … well, the rest of the time. You will find me wearing headbands 90% of the time and this is my current fave. I like the wide band for comfort (and to tame the tresses) and it stays put.

springs-016-225x300Since it does not seem to be on the website (I’m not sure if it is no longer available?), I’m not certain what it is made of but the fabric is light and stretchy. I also think it’s super cute and totally appropriate for casual wear.


Springsville is offering up this headband and pair of wrist-warmers to one lucky reader!

Sprigs-004-300x292To enter: *separate comments not necessary*

Winner will be announced Friday, May 25th. Good luck!


35 thoughts on “Sprigsville Wrist-Warmers & Headband – review + giveaway

  1. My hands are always cold too! My husband calls them my ‘heart hands’. LOL I love your puppy shots!

    I already follow you on google reader and bloglovin 🙂
    I already like you on facebook 🙂
    I like Sprigsville on facebook 🙂

  2. Hi!
    1 point for subscribing to you.
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    1 point liking sprigsville on Fb.
    1 bonus point for being a donator to Nolan Dream Chasers!

  3. Hi Marlene:
    1 for subscribing!
    1 for “liking” M2anotherM on FB
    1 for ‘liking’ Sprigs on FB
    1 for Donating to Nolan’s Dream Chasers

    Have a great day!

    PS. Keep the Puppy pics coming 🙂 He is too cute for words!

  4. Wow, love those wrist warmers!

    I already like you on facebook!
    +1 “Like” Mission to a(nother) Marathon on Facebook
    And I like Sprigsville too!
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  5. Darn it I was hoping you had one of their wrist wallets to giveaway as I ALWAYS seem to have my darn car keys pulling my skirts down in races. The wrist warmers look fun though, even if it is 85 here today.
    +1 I like you on FB
    +1 I like Sprigsville on FB too

  6. wow, one comment only is soo easy! 😉 I follow your blog, i like ya on fb [username karen r m], i like Sprigville on fb.
    runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  7. I would love the headband! Can’t say I need the wrist warmers here, but I’m sure at some point we’ll live in a cold climate again. 🙂 I follow you via google reader, and I donated to Nolan’s Dream chasers.

  8. Those wrist warmers look great and I could have seriously done with a pair on Tuesday when I froze at training because I couldn’t find my gloves. Of course I found them this morning when I didn’t need them.

  9. Headbands are becoming key for running as my hair is shorter now and I can’t stand running with hair going everywhere 🙂

    Liked everything on FB and subscribed!

  10. My first thought was, “I don’t need that, my aqua running top has the thumb hole.” Then I realized, that’s my maternity top, and I will be giving that away!! So the ones you’re featuring may well be useful!

    I *think* I’m following in Reader, but honestly I’m a little confused about that.

  11. I didn’t realize I hadn’t liked yet! I read your blog all the time! I could totally use a headband! (and wrist warmers!)

    +1 for FB like!

  12. Thanks for the chance for this great giveaway, Marlene! I’ve “liked” on FB and have subscribed to RSS feed.

    Happy long weekend 🙂

  13. I want that headband and the wrist warmers.. I FREEZE at work.. Pick me!!

    +1- I subscribe to you
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    +1- I like Sprigsville on facebook

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