Welland Half Iron Training – Week 3

My third “build” week is complete!

Monday – swim rest

You know those times when you really feel like you need a weekend to recover from the weekend? I had one of those and just could not bring myself to do anything. Hubs and I had a relaxing evening instead and even sneaked in a dinner date. No regrets.

Tuesday – run + bike

I met the “Fairy Lake girls” for an easy run at 5AM. It was nice to be out early and we chatted the hour away.


10.2 KM – 1:01:04 – 5:59/KM

That night was my first time trial with the cycling club.

15.0 KM – 24:04 – 37.4 KPH
+ warm-up: 10.0 KM – 22:00 – 27.3 KPH

Wednesday – tempo run + swim

I had intended to wake up early but my entire body felt tired from the previous night’s efforts so I opted for some extra sleep and packed a bag to run at lunch. I did not expect the tempo run to go well at all and wanted to bail for an easy run instead, but hubs talked me into seeing what I could do. I would not worry about my pace and simply focus on effort – I need all the practice I can get running on tired legs anyway. As it turns out, it didn’t go too badly at all and I was even a bit faster than last week for the same workout.


10.0 KM – 51:27 – 5:08/KM
3 x 2000 (200 recoveries): (4:52, 4:49) – (4:51, 4:48) – (4:46, 4:40)

I hit the pool for Masters swim that evening.

3100m – 1:30:00
450 w/u, 9 x 50, 100 drill, 9 x 100, 2 x (100 fast/100 easy, 75 fast/75 easy, 50 fast/50 easy, 25 fast/25 easy) 300 c/d

Thursday – bike

Thursday was bike-mute day for the week. I still haven’t fixed the flat on my hybrid from last week, so I had to take the tri bike. It’s not ideal in rush hour traffic and I was a bit uncomfortable at times, but not quite as crazy as I had anticipated. I took a different route home for better traffic, hence the longer distance. As always, it is net uphill on the way back.. and into the wind! ooof.


AM: 29.5 KM – 57:42 – 30.7 KPH
PM: 31.1 KM – 1:03:31 – 29.4 KPH

Friday – long run + swim

Another busy weekend so I wanted to get my long run done ahead of time. I was up at 4AM and out by 4:30 for this run. Thankfully, I had the Fairy Lake girls to keep me company for 10K in the middle and it was great to meet up for some company. I was a zombie all day afterwards, but it was still good to get it done.

20.0 KM – 1:54:06 – 5:42/KM

Masters swim was closed that evening, so I decided to brave open water for the first time this season. Hubs (and pup) brought me to the lake. I expected the water to be frigid, but it actually wasn’t bad at all and I was able to get right in. I just did a super short swim to get a feel for the open water again and spent about three times longer suiting up than I did in the water, but it was still good to get in there.

Stuff-037-150x150555m – 11:41

Saturday – long ride + brick run

I needed to get an early start and fortunately a bunch of friends agreed to start at sunrise along with me. We had a great time and the miles flew by. It was a leisurely pace and I felt really comfortable the entire time. Feels great for a new milestone – half iron bike distance!!

90.7 KM – 3:15:48 – 27.8 KPH

I went out for a short brick run after the ride. It was pretty tough, especially since the day had really heated up, but my legs were alright. I definitely intend to run after all of my long rides to get used to it as much as possible.


5.0 KM – 26:31 – 5:18/KM

Sunday – rest

RG-300x169Week 2 Totals

Swim Distance: 3655m
Swim Time: 1:41:41

Bike Distance: 176.3 KM (109.5 mi)
Bike Time: 6:03:00
Bike Average: 29.1 KPH (18.1 mph)

Run Distance: 45.2 KM (28.1 mi)
Run Time: 4:13:12
Run Average: 5:36/KM (9:01/mi)

Overall Time: 11:57:54

dm-290x300 dm2


12 thoughts on “Welland Half Iron Training – Week 3

  1. Your weeks make me feel so lazy. Especially this week while I am cutting back. And the last time I was in anything close to “open water,” was after the 50k when we got into the creek to “ice.” You are way brave!

  2. I know those weekends when you need another running afterwards to recover. Unfortunately I don’t do half as much to need one. Great job on the training once again. You’re killing it.

  3. whew, that’s an intense week! i think a rest day monday was merited, dinner dates are fantastic anyway 🙂 so did puppy venture into the lake water while mama swam?

  4. Good looking numbers my friend. That is a solid build phase and you will be golden by the time the HIM gets here.

    In addition to that advice if you are tired stay in bed but don’t make it a habit. You will not sleep well the night before the race so knowing how to wake yourself up during the event is good for you too.

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