Lessons in Puppy Parenthood

Miles has been home for three weeks now. Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way…

You never know where you’ll find cheap entertainment for a pup.

579573_10151758042460454_644290453_24217651_914110578_n-300x225You can never have too many puppy toys.

puppy-004-300x225And no matter how many toys he does have, he wants to play with and chew on the things he is not allowed.

On that note, there is no such thing as a fully puppy-proofed house… but we’ve certainly tried!

miles-019-150x150 miles-018-150x150 miles-017-150x150

Bodily functions are a big deal with a puppy in the house. I never knew I could be so excited over pee & poop.

The outside world is very exciting for a pooch! So much to see and sniff and (try to) eat.


Puppy treats with “lasting power” (i.e. that will keep him occupied for a few minutes) are gold.

Speaking of which, ICE CUBES make an excellent “lasting” treat.


He can fall asleep in the most unusual positions.

sleepHe like to have lots of attention… and lets us know if he wants more!

389357_10151764133185454_644290453_24244323_1494693173_n-300x225There is such a thing as “puppy dog eyes.”

553439_10151733327905454_644290453_24135276_977713328_nMost of all, we’ve learned that he has filled our lives with even more love, joy and fun than we ever could have imagined.



29 thoughts on “Lessons in Puppy Parenthood

  1. Oh Marlene, so cute. Miles is such a great and lovely dog. I love this post, thanks for sharing.

    And I know what you mean by the love, joy and fun you get from a dog. No matter how bad my day has been, coming home and see a happy Bella who’s jumping all around because I’m home makes every day a good one in the end.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how they change your life!
    Only dog owners would understand!
    We can’t believe we had Sami for almost five years.

  3. Aww…love the sleeping pictures…and ice cubes…oh my, two of ours coming running from wherever they are in the house when we open the freezer…every single time!

  4. Having a dog has satisfied any maternal need I have, mostly because I know I’ve screwed up in raising this dog enough that I really shouldn’t be trusted with the human youngsters.

  5. What a great looking dog. Congrats to you and the hubs on the choice.

    And ice cubes rock. Ginga loves them. Whenever we make smoothies and that is about 5x per day she runs over to the fridge and sits and waits until the cube falls from the ‘sky’ and she is happy.

  6. Yay for GSP! Too cute for words…honestly you’ll just keep falling more in love with him! Our pointed loves the “stuffless” toys…they occupy him for hours, as well as the toy that you put an empty plastic bottle on the inside! Genious to keep him busy!

    • YES he loves his stuff-less raccoon. 🙂

      I have not seen those empty water bottle holders – that sounds genius!

  7. Super! I a huge animal and very big dog lover. Our 7 dogs rule the house I’m afraid. Good for you to keep your guy under control as far as possible. He is awesome!

  8. some of these photos are x-rated maurlene. and i’m a little disappointed miles doesn’t have an r in his name for me to u-up. guess he can be muiles. 🙂

  9. Awwwww!! Seriously looking at all these puppy photos is making me want one soooo bad! We’ve been talking about getting a pooch for awhile now, so hopefully soon.

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