Welland Half Iron Training – Week 4

After three “build” weeks, it was time for a recovery week. Unfortunately, I ended up sick early in the week so I ended up needing a lot more recovery than anticipated. I felt better pretty quickly… or so I thought, but then I ended up feeling pretty drained and run down for the rest of the week. I eliminated some workouts, cut my long run and ride way back and tried to focus on feeling better going into week 5. With Welland less than a month away, I need to be feeling strong and healthy!

Monday – open water swim

It was a holiday and a bunch of us took advantage of having the day off (and gorgeous long weekend weather) to head to the lake for an open water swim. It was a perfect day and nice to have so much company in the water! Unfortunately I forgot my cap and goggles (D’oh!). I was able to borrow a pair of goggles but they didn’t fit great and leaked like crazy, and my hair was driving me nuts without a cap. So, I didn’t stay in long, but it was still nice to get in the water.

544816_10150803886012511_626447510_10129681_751020746_n-300x200750m – 15:35 (approximate)

Tuesday – run + bike time trial rest (sick)

I had started feeling sick Monday afternoon, which was not the nicest way to wrap up the long weekend. I stayed home from work Tuesday and snoozed most of the day away with Miles on the couch. That part wasn’t soo bad… 😉


Wednesday – run + swim

I was feeling quite a bit better by Tuesday evening and pretty decent Wednesday morning, but decided to take an extra day off work. We napped the morning away again but by mid-day, I was ready for some activity. I headed out for a steamy 10K run and hit the pool for a leisurely (continuous) lane swim.

10.0KM (6.2 mi) – 56:30 – 5:39/KM (9:06/mi)

2000m – 45:00

Thursday – run

I had the chance to meet a couple of the morning girls for our usual 5am run. The company was great as always, but I wasn’t feeling too good so I cut it a bit short.

7.4 KM (4.6 mi) – 45:22 – 6:07/KM (9:51/mi)

That night we had out end-of-clinic celebratory dinner, which was a nice way to wrap up the season.

553589_10151783019985454_179719639_n 462627_10151783007430454_1399624381_o 462627_10151783007400454_644290453_24314542_1287505156_o

Friday – swim + ride + brick run

After work, hubs & Miles accompanied me to the lake for another swim. This time I had all the gear and had a great swim.

miles-walk-0071300m – 27:45

From there, I rode my bike home via an extended route. I was not feeling it at all and wasn’t sure if I was still drained from being sick or just not in the mood. I cut it shorter than planned so as not to push it too much. I also bailed on the brick run I had planned. Mehhh.

miles-walk-00941.3 KM (25.7 mi) – 1:25:47 – 28.9 KPH (18.0 mph)

Saturday – open water swim + long run

Met up at the lake bright and early for another swim. The lake is so calm at that hour!

miles-walk-013-300x2251000m – 23:00

From there we suited up for a run on the trails. I had planned to make it a long run of about 22K, but I could tell that I was still lacking energy despite keeping the pace “easy”, so I stuck to a shorter distance and called it a day.

13.6 KM (8.5 mi) – 1:19:45 – 5:51/KM (9:26/mi)

Sunday – rest

After how I had been feeling all week, I opted for a rest day to try and recuperate 100%. We took the pup out for a couple of good walks, including some trail exploration, which was the perfect way to get some fresh air and enjoy the day.

380299_10151783880795454_1348638795_n-225x300So, it ended up being an extremely light week (one bike ride, eek) – it’s just as well this was my recovery week. Hopefully all systems are a ‘go’ and I will be feeling back to normal to tackle my workouts moving forward.

Week 4 Totals

Swim Distance: 5044m
Swim Time: 1:51:36

Bike Distance: 41.3 KM (25.7 mi)
Bike Time: 1:25:47
Bike Average: 28.9 KPH (17.9 mph)

Run Distance: 31.0 KM (19.3 mi)
Run Time: 3:01:48
Run Average: 5:52/KM (9:26/mi)

Overall Time: 6:18:44


11 thoughts on “Welland Half Iron Training – Week 4

  1. i love that pic of lil miules running! surely that is what i look like too when i run… happy and fast… 😉

    hopefully the week of rest and “slack” workouts has you feeling better again and ready to go!

  2. Hope you are feeling better. It’s great that you listen to your body and take the rest when needed. Training under those conditions would not be beneficial I’m sure…the rest always is. Well done.

  3. Better to keep the week light when you’re feeling that bad. Good decision.

    I love that picture of Miles. It’s all about puppy joy and legs that are a little out of control. He’s just adorable.

  4. You must have skipped lesson 1 in converting to the dark side. Extra cap and goggles in the bag at all times……I know you have about a bazillion bags from races. Take one off the hook that is clustered with all the others and throw a swim cap and extra goggles in there and toss it in your car. This way you can never forget it. Do the same with some older running shoes. You’ll always be prepared.

    Now, a question about the word morning. Why don’t you spell it mourning? Or is that because it is the death one? if that is the case what are the rules for the extra u in the wourds you use?

  5. Sorry you were sick, but I think you were really smart to tune in to what your body was telling you about how much volume you did. And it did happen on a cut-back week, so that’s quite timely!

    You’re so lucky to have open water to do swims in. We have nothing around here except a nasty part of the bay, so…the pool is what we’ve got!

    Miles is the cutest!

  6. Oh my goodness…that pic of your pup running on the trail is absolutely adorable!! Such a great shot! Hope you are feeling better to build back up this week!

  7. That photo is a framer for sure!! My sickness has knocked me out since the Half Marathon on 5/20!!! Hope to get back to it soon, but I am still coughing like crazy! Glad you recovered fast.

  8. The photo of Miles running is super precious!! I’m glad you were able to take a little bit of a recovery week. Sometimes that just what the body needs. Keep up the great work in all your training!!

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