Bunch o’ Things

1. At our end-of-session dinner with the marathon clinic last week, I received a very generous gift card from all of my peeps who had chipped in, as well as a card filled to the brim with really sweet messages. It was truly touching and I was overwhelmed by their generosity… and promptly treated myself to something I have been coveting:

Garmin Forerunner 910xt, aka THE triathlon watch

miles-walk-003-225x300I’m still figuring it out and only using it as its most basic capacities, but how cool is it that I can wear this bad boy on my wrist in the lake? (and pool)

2. Hubs had to go on a business trip this week, leaving me the task of single puppy parenting. Obviously I love hanging out with Miles and part of me is secretly excited that I get to hog all of his attention for a few days, but it’s also quite the task for one person. I’ve nearly been late to work both days this week and the evenings are a jam packed with puppy training, puppy walks, puppy feeding, puppy clean-up, prep for the next day, etc. etc. Not to mention my own training! (fortunately my Mom & sisters have agreed to puppy-sit during my workouts).

more-miles-009-225x3003. Last weekend, I finally had a tri-specific fit done on my bike, and there were some big changes! With being sick last week, I didn’t really have an opportunity to test it out and now it’s in the shop for a tune up and a few more adjustments, so I’m looking forward to testing it out and seeing if I notice much difference. Unfortunately, I won’t have it back in time for the Time Trial tonight and I don’t want to miss another one, so I’m going to bust out the hybrid. I wonder how fast I can make this thing go… and how much faster I will be on this course on my Trek next time! (we rotate through 4 different courses of varying distance)

284719_10150750670905454_644290453_20084762_6613514_n-210x3004. With the hot hot weather we are having, my Masters buddies and I could not bring ourselves to hit the pool. Instead, we were back at Lake Wilcox last night. It was great to have a group of about 10 of us! The lake was more choppy than we are used to, especially when the wind picked up half way before our swim. For a while there, every breath brought a gulp of water. I suppose it’s good practice since race day could certainly be choppy.


What are you up to this week?

21 thoughts on “Bunch o’ Things

  1. Fancy fancy toy….have fun with it!

    This week is week 4 of 7 of “my life is crazy” week. I have a conference, my in-laws will be in town, my dad will be in town, and I need to work on my thesis proposal and a paper. Hopefully I can get a few runs in as well…and remember to take my bike to the shop for a tuneup. Ack!

  2. I remember when I was on puppy duty by myself it was very challenging, but fun.The best part is when Mark comes how excited he will be to see him.

  3. I saw that you got the new watch! That is awesome! SO cool you can take it in the water! This is my least busiest week in a very long time. I actually get to go home after work every single day this week which I am loving. I needed this break after all the training!

  4. Miles has gotten so big already! Don’t they grow fast?! I remember the first time I was alone for a while with our puppy…nerve racking, but it all worked out. Now it’s much easier because he has gotten a little older and finally is cool to just lay on his bed and sleep without me 🙂

  5. Nice watch. I hope you get it sorted out. I’m still not using all the features on my Garmin – which probably means that I don’t need such a high-tech one.

    Miles is just so cute. Is he chewing everything that he can get his mouth around or has he grown out of that phase? Toby’s bringing sticks into the house and killing them. I’m really over having to sweep up the remains.

  6. Your training is much more ambitious than mine. I’m going to be Nacho Libre in a half marathon in a few weeks, so my training has involved getting used to walking around the house with a Mexican wrestler mask.

    (And your pooch looks so fun! I love those dogs.)

  7. Can’t wait to hear more about your experience with the watch! I would love to know speed, distance, etc. for open water swims!

    People think I am nuts when I tell them how much harder it is when my husband is gone and I am taking care of my dogs alone. They are older now (2.5 years) but it is still so much more work than when we split it in half! I sympathize with you!

  8. It is no surprise that your friends would want to bless you. Positive upbeat and friendly people are usually appreciated! Love the pics!:)

  9. How are you loving your new toy? I haven’t had a chance to try it out in a lake yet for an open water swim, but hopefully this weekend!!

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