Welland Half Iron Training – Week 5

Single-parent puppy duties this week posed somewhat of a challenge in terms of getting my workouts in; morning workouts were impossible and puppy-care arrangements needed to be made for any evening activities. Crappy weather on the weekend ended up foiling my plans for an open water swim “race” and long ride out of town… so, I didn’t get everything in that I had hoped but did the best I could. Here’s how the week shook down.

Monday – run + swim

Hot and steamy lunch run followed by an open water swim at Wilcox with the gang after work (while my Mom & sisters watched the pooch on the beach).


6.1 KM – 33:07 – 5:25/KM

1200m – 26:14

Tuesday – run + bike

Went out at lunch for another steamy, sweaty run.


6.0 KM – 33:45 – 5:57/KM

My sister came over to watch Miles while I headed to the cycling club Time Trial. My tri bike was in the shop so I showed up on the hybrid – I certainly got some interesting looks! The course was challenging and it was extremely windy, which made for a tough ride. I wasn’t very fast but I got in a killer workout.

warm-up: 5.0 KM – 10:51 – 27.7 KPH

TT: 24.0 KM – 48:00 – 30.0 KPH

Wednesday – run

You guessed it, another lunch run! I actually tried to incorporate some tempo during this run, but it just wasn’t happening. I was feeling pretty out of sorts and discombobulated this week, and it showed in my workouts.

8.0 KM – 44:17 – 5:48/KM

Thursday – run + swim

One more lunch run. I do enjoy my lunch-time runs but after 4 days in a row, they were starting to get old. Got it done.

8.0 KM – 43:30 – 5:26/KM

Back to Wilcox for another group swim where my friend P agreed to occupy Miles on the beach.


1000m – 22:00

Friday – run

It was miserable out all day with lots of rain and wind. Just a shorty run to the Running Room and back after work to pick up some gels.

5.0 KM – 26:26 – 5:17/KM

Saturday – run

Got up early for a long run with the usual suspects. It had been a few weeks since I’d been able to hook up with the gang, so this was nice. it was a bit windy, but the cool and overcast morning made for a pretty comfortable run.

23.0 KM – 2:06:32 – 5:30/KM

Sunday – bike + brick run + swim

Since I wasn’t heading out for town for the swim event, I took advantage and slept in a bit. I eventually got up and it looked like the skies were going to open up at any moment, so I set my bike up on the trainer for a long-ish ride. I knew I wasn’t going to get the whole distance in that I had planned to do outside, but I put on a movie and convinced myself to stay on for 2 hours.

52.5 KM – 2:00:00 – 26.3 KPH

I hopped off and headed straight out for a shorty run. My legs actually felt great! I forgot to switch the mode on my watch, so I was running in bike mode and wondering what pace my “speed” would translate to. Turned out to be pretty quick.


4.0 KM – 19:29 – 4:52/KM

After that hubs and the pup accompanied me to Wilcox for an open water swim. The water was much colder than it has been after all the rain, and it was windy, drizzling and choppy. Not the nicest conditions but I got in there and had a decent swim. Took me a long time to warm up after!

1250m – 27:26

Week 5 Totals

Swim Distance: 3450m
Swim Time: 1:15:36

Bike Distance: 81.5 KM (50.6 mi)
Bike Time: 2:58:48
Bike Average: 27.3 KPH (17.0 mph)

Run Distance: 60.1 KM (37.3 mi)
Run Time: 5:27:00
Run Average: 5:26/KM (8:45/mi)

Overall Time: 9:41:37


16 thoughts on “Welland Half Iron Training – Week 5

  1. Marlene,
    I just completed my first Half Ironman on Sunday in Switzerland. You will do great. Keep up the training. 🙂

  2. OMG is this what my life is going to be like with kids!? I am not ready yet! Great job squeezing everything in! Some weeks are so like this – busy every minute!

  3. Ah, the lunch time run…it is such a necessity when juggling parenting duties! I agree, it is nice to have a choice to go before/after work when you feel like it though! I am in “puppy photo” withdrawal after this post with no Miles pics!!

  4. But you still got great workouts in! 🙂
    It’s funny because last week, I thought to myself, “Geesh, I haven’t read any Marlene posts in a while….have I missed them?” But, I know you are busy with puppy love and parenting! Hard work with him now, will pay off later.

  5. You are so dedicated and consistent you inspire me a lot. Life, kids, animals and work always try to make my training hard but luckily I can do it early in the morning. Keep it going!

  6. That is a solid week of work. And that week will make the HIM easy because you deal with so much during the training that come race day it is just you and the course.

    Have you been practicing your nutrition on the bike? How is that going?

  7. Great job getting the workouts in, just a matter of time before you have a great system in place to handle the little one. Good luck with the training.

  8. I’m pretty lucky as far as puppy babysitting goes. We have our older dog, Bubbles who’s happy to do the duty – sort of. And he’s house-trained now so I can go out for a while and know that there’ll be no unpleasant little surprises when I get home.

  9. Another great week! I never thought of how taking care of a puppy would interfere with training. I guess it’s good practice for time management and if you guys decide to have babies one day. LOL. I’m glad you were able to bring the pup along for some of the fun though. Such a little cutie!!

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