It’s been too long since I’ve joined Jenn‘s weekly nosh party known as What I Ate Wednesday. Looks like I’m back just in time for June’s theme of Sensible Snacking.

I didn’t actually know about the new theme until I was well into my eats for the day (Tuesday), so there’s nothing particularly snack-tacular about this day, but here goes…


  • raisin bran w/ skim milk [unpictured tea]
  • 2x “cuties” mandarin oranges, apple, yogurt
  • chickpeas with grilled veggies (peppers, zucchini, mushrooms) and goat cheese with mango chipotle dressing
  • grapes, cukes, diet coke, handful of dried pineapple chunks (mmmm)
  • loaded sweet potato a la P&C with hummus/sharp cheddar/avocado/scallions + scrambled omelet with ham
  • pop chips & fresca

Totals (approx.): 2293 cal; 342g carbs; 71g fat; 79g protein; 52g fiber

What are you eating? Hit me with your best snacks!


12 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. Love the way you cut up your cucumbers! My boring “slices” will be taking a break after seeing yours…nice presentation with the grapes too!
    Grapes were on sale this week, so I will be overdosing on those all day (with a side of ‘big foot’ candies…mmm…an impulse purchase that, by miracle only, didn’t get eaten in one sitting)!

  2. Great day of eating. I had no idea what your last snack was until you told me! I love PopChips!

    I really like greek yogurt with granola and fruit as a snack. You’d think I’d eat it more.

  3. Dried pineapple sounds so good right now! I snack on lots of nuts, dried and fresh fruit, and a bit of dark chocolate. 🙂 Sometime smoothies or cheese and crackers. Looks like a great day- I love eggs for dinner!

  4. I love this months theme!! I was craving popcorn last week so that is my newest snack this week. Also I have been adding in watermelon and it is just delicious. Have not had any cucumbers yet – we are growing them in the garden tho!

  5. Are you talking best (most nutritious) or best (most delicious) snacks? Most nutritious – my lactose-free low fat vanilla yoghurt with fresh berries, ground linseeds and a few almonds. Most delicious – my home-made triple choc cookie with a cup of tea after dinner.

  6. Looks yummy! I’ve been trying to get my snacking under control by eating more frequent smaller meals that all have protein. Still trying to figure out if it’s a good idea or not LOL.

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