Three Things Thursday

1. I’ve survived another week (almost) of single puppy parenting. Hubs had to leave for work again on Monday, and fortunately he comes home today. Once again my sisters have been helping me out a ton, but my training schedule is still suffering. Morning workouts are out of the question and I’m definitely missing the morning runs and the option to bike-mute to work. I’ll be getting back to both next week. Miles and I have been having a pretty good time and keeping each other company, but I think we’ll both be happy when hubby/Daddy gets home!

Miles was pretty excited to see him when he came home last Friday:

2. I finally got myself a more appropriate helmet to match the new bike. The “Canadian Tire special” just wasn’t cutting it anymore…


I had to special order the colour and it should be ready for pick up tonight or tomorrow, so I just have a stock photo for now. Introducing the Bontrager Circuit WSD.

Untitled1-300x230You didn’t think I meant one of these, did you? 😉 

3. This weekend brings my first tri of the season! I’m headed to Binbrook on Saturday for the “Sprint” (which varies from the “Sprint” distance I completed last year) of a 750m swim, 30K bike and 7.5K run.

2012_binbrook_race_site_layout_cust-278x300I’m nervous but excited to compete in my third triathlon, and first race on my tri bike! It’s also going to be my first race in the 30-34 bracket, since triathlons determine age groups based on age at the end of the calendar year. (Yikes, that means I am turning 30 soon!)

Race Goals courtesy of my friend and “Goal Consultant”, Erin:

Swim: 15:10
Bike: 56:00
Run: 36:15

I would be thrilled to come close to those targets and she’s been pretty close in the past, so we’ll see!

Happy Thursday (almost Friday)!


22 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. My hubs is racing Binbrook as well. (Du guy not Tri) Have a fantastic race!
    Our pets lose their shit when the hubs is away and comes home. I’m just the lady who feeds them, pets them, talks to them etc. Easily ignored apparently…

  2. Babies and puppies are the same thing. Except puppies can’t talk back to you.

    Sweet new helmet!

    Good luck this weekend. You are going to crush it!

  3. Good lick,Saturday! I keep wanting a dog, but I don’t think I am committed enough like you said to really shift schedules… Especially with my travel. Somill live through yiu

  4. Good luck this weekend! I’m sure with all the 70.3 training you’ve done, the sprint will seem like a piece of cake!

    Yeah, single parenting is no fun–my whole week has been that. This is all good practice in case you ever want to have human babies!

  5. Wow! That’s a long sprint! Good luck! (I also got a new helmet recently…the pink, crooked on my head look just wasn’t cutting it anymore!)

  6. all the best for your Triathlon race. I cannot be there to cheer you on. I will do it from the distance, though. All the best 🙂

  7. There’s nothing on earth that makes you feel more welcome than a puppy greeting. Such a cute photo.

    Good luck for this weekend’s tri. We’ll all look forward to next week’s race report.

  8. But all that time and effort with the pup is so worth it. You have some great equipment now. I’m sure that will help a lot in your triathlons coming up. Have a good race this weekend!

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  10. I think I’ve read your posts in reverse chronological order this week. Oops! Anyway, I hope you’re loving the new helmet, and OH MAN can I sympathize on missing the morning runs!! In both our cases, things WILL get more manageable. 🙂

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