Welland Half Iron Training – Week 6

Better late than never? Life/work/etc. really got in the way of blogging this week… it happens!

Training was still rather discombobulated during this week since I was on single-puppy-parent duty again until Thursday, but I did what I could and relied on some awesome puppy sitters whenever possible. In the end, my volume was lower than I would have liked, but I nailed my first tri of the season on Saturday, so I’ll call the week a success. Bring on the last week of training (which is almost over…) and then RACE WEEK for Welland!

Monday – rest

Took a much needed day off.

Tuesday – tempo run

Lunch-time tempo run featuring: 2 x 1000 (4:39, 4:41), 1 x 2000 (4:38, 4:38), 2 x 1000 (4:36, 4:38). Nailed my targets and felt pretty great!


10.0 KM (6.2 mi) – 50:35 – 5:02/KM (8:08/mi)

Had to miss the Tuesday Night Time Trial due to puppy commitments.

Wednesday – run + swim

I headed out for another lunch run, much warmer on this day and I was glad to have completed the tempo on Tuesday.

8.3 KM (5.2 mi) – 43:25 – 5:13/KM (8:24/mi)

We had a group open water swim at Lake Wilcox that night.

binbrook-001-300x2251000m – 22:41

Thursday – run + bike

Another lunch run. Almost the same distance/route as Wednesday, but markedly slower.

8.3 KM (5.2 mi) – 45:15 – 5:28/KM (8:48/mi)

After hubs got home, I headed out for a solo evening ride. I had not ridden outside since my bike had been tuned up and my race was coming up on Saturday, so it was great to get out. I headed to the farmland flats and let ‘er rip.

25.4 KM (15.8 mi) – 47:39 – 32 KPH (19.9 mph)


Friday – swim

I took it pretty easy and just went for a short evening (open water) swim in preparation for the next day’s race.


900m – 20:28

Saturday – race

Binbrook Triathlon


Swim: 750m – 14:39 – 1:57/100m
Bike: 29.2KM (18.1 mi) – 50:25 – 34.8 KPH (21.6 MPH)
Run: 7.5 KM (4.7 mi) – 35:29 – 4:44/KM (7:37/mi)

Sunday – long ride

After a long day at the races followed by a late night at a wedding, it was tough to get out of bed in the morning, but I had a long ride on deck! I met up with a bunch of friends to ride up to Lake Simcoe and back, aiming to cover the half iron distance. It was extremely hot, sunny and humid – thank goodness for “wind chill” on the bike, but the sweat poured every time we stopped.

Unfortunately there was an incident early on and two of our riders went down in a crash. Fortunately, everyone was okay and just a little banged up. They decided to head back (with a chaperone) and the rest of us continued on.

The remainder of our ride was uneventful and it was extremely tempting to dip in the lake once we got there! Next time, I want to plan a ride AND swim!


91.1 KM (56.6 mi) – 3:14:33 – 28.1 KPH (17.5 mph)




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