Welland Half Iron Training – Week 7

Here we are with less than one week to go. With a ton of heat and humidity in the forecast this week, I am wishing and hoping for it to break before the race next Sunday. I am confident at this point that I can cover the distance, but am most nervous about running a half marathon during the hottest part of the day. Then again, I survived the Boston heatwave!

Monday 6/11 – rest


Tuesday 6/12 – run + bike (TT)

Muggy lunch run: 6.3 KM (3.9 mi) – 35:35 – 5:40/KM (9:07/mi)

miles-stuff-002Tuesday evening I was able to make the Newmarket Eagles Time Trial and we were back to the same route as my first night. I didn’t think a time improvement would be in the cards since (a) my legs were toast from a huge weekend (sprint tri + 56-mile ride) and (b) it was extremely windy. That said, I did the best I could, pushed hard the entire time and managed not to get blown off the road (there were a few close calls). In the end, I finished just 44 seconds slower than last time and all things considered, I’m happy with that!

warm-up: 9.6 KM (5.9 mi) – 23:26 – 24.5 KPH (15.2 mph)
TT: 15.0 KM (9.3 mi) – 24:48 – 36.3 KPH (22.5 mph)

Wednesday 6/13 – run + swim

I was able to meet up with Juliana for a 5am recovery run. It was nice to get out early for the first time in a while.

10.0 KM (6.2 mi) – 1:00:13 – 6:00/KM (9:40/mi)

That night I hit the pool (first time in weeks!) since it was our last Masters session for the season. It was a good workout.

3350m – 1:20:00

Thursday 6/14 – run x 2

I went out for another steamy lunch run and had another run that night for the first night of the summer marathon clinic (with new instructors!). I cut the run short along with the rest of the 5am posse for a surprise Birthday dinner for one of the girls. It was a great evening and I feel very lucky to be a part of this group of ladies. miles-stuff-004

lunch: 6.1 KM (3.8 mi) – 33:08 – 5:24/KM (8:42/mi)
eve:  4.8 KM (3.0 mi) – 28:07 – 5:49/KM (9:22/mi)

Friday 6/15 – long ride + brick run

I decided to get my long ride in ahead of the weekend, which actually wasn’t very long being a week before the big race. I rode my bike to work and took an extended route in the morning, and then a shorter route home since I dropped the bike off for a “spa day.”


AM: 42.0 KM (26.1 mi) – 1:22:26 – 30.6 KPH (19.0 mph)
PM: 19.0 KM (11.8 mi) – 39:04 – 29.2 KPH (18.2 mph)

I had time for a short & quick brick run off the bike when I got to work as well.


4.0 KM (2.5 mi) – 20:20 – 5:05/KM (8:10/mi)

Saturday 6/16 – long run

I took advantage of a bit of a sleep-in on Saturday then headed out solo around 8:30 for my taper long run. It was hot & sunny and a sweat fest from kilometre 1. I didn’t have a planned route, but wove my way around town deciding on the fly where I should turn. I was dripping with sweat by the end, but surprised myself with the pace. Felt pretty good despite the heat.


16.9 KM (10.5 mi) – 1:31:31 – 5:24/KM (8:42/mi)

Sunday 6/17 – rest


A lazy morning was in order followed by brunch with friends and then a trip to the beach with the pooch. I originally intended to bike & swim, but the day got away from me. If I don’t get my workout(s) in first thing on the weekend, it’s just not going to happen. When will I learn?!


6 sleeps til Welland Half Iron Tri!


13 thoughts on “Welland Half Iron Training – Week 7

  1. is that a jacket on the ride? hot and humid I thought?

    For the run: take water at every aid station. one cup over the head and one to SIP on, not drink. You will probably have a hand-held right? Sip from that between aid stations.

    Make sure you HYDRATE on the bike. If it is going to be that hot and humid make sure that you are drinking every 12-15 minutes and you should have to pee at least once on the 56 mile ride. That is when you know you are hydrating properly.

    You Got This!

    • It was 50 degrees in the morning last week. Closer to 80 this week. Go figure.

      Thanks for the advice, much appreciated as always! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great week of training. Good luck this weekend. I have a feeling it’s going to be the summer of hot races, they just keep happening! I’m sure you’ll do great though! That pup of yours is too cute!

  3. Wow – a big week. I had to hide the pic of Miles from Toby – he’s also taken to sleeping on the couch and I don’t want him to get the idea that couches are for dogs, especially when he inherited a very nice mattress from Nelson.

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