How Things Change

It’s crazy to think that this time last year, I would have sworn up and down that I was not interested in doing a triathlon. Wasn’t going to happen. Just running for me; I’d likely do an ultra-marathon first. My idea of “swimming” was floating with a drink and while I had gotten myself a new bike, it was for recreational purposes only. Ahem.

180723_10150394207995454_2703726_nUh-huh. That’s what I would have told you!

I had raced tri relays with my friend Erin once previously and we were lined up for our next race in early July. I enjoyed being at the tri events and taking it all in, cheering on my friends, then crossing the finish line as the team runner. But I always left feeling convinced that it was not for me. It just seemed overwhelming and there was so much “stuff” involved. It was not for me.

268952_10150707200480454_2109302_nBut at that race in July (Sydenham Olympic Tri Relay), I started having some funny feelings by the end of the day. I starting thinking that maybe… just maybe… I would like to try this some day. Maybe. Of course, I didn’t say a word and pushed the thought out of my head, assuming it would pass by morning.

img_2116But instead, it became more of an urge. There was no shaking it – something had changed. I confessed to hubs and my closest friends, who were all nothing but supportive of course. Next thing I knew I was buying a cap and goggles and hitting the pool, signing up for my first “try-a-tri” and jumping in with both feet. Over a period of less than two months, I went from “never doing a tri” to completing my first one (2nd overall female, I might add). Naturally, I was hooked. I loved every minute – even when I totally ate dirt running up the beach out of the water.

img_2772So, here I am eating my words and I must say – they taste great! I am very grateful to awesome friends, both “virtual” and “IRL” (you know who you are) for harassing encouraging me to “tri” for so long and for helping to show me the ropes once you had me convinced. I honestly had no idea what I was missing and there is no turning back now. 297899_10150788289295454_5232410_n


39 thoughts on “How Things Change

  1. Yeah funny how we change our minds about things. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out for you! Awesome I’m sure. I always say that too, I’ll never do a tri….but I won’t lol. May consider the ultra one day though!

  2. I knew I’d drag you to the dark side sooner or later. It was just determining how many relays to get you in before you came all the way over. 😉 But I never dreamed you’d rock it like you have! So proud of you!

  3. Funny how things change, isn’t it! Good for you though, you’ve really taken off! I’m in the ‘no tri’ boat too but I guess I shouldn’t rule it out 100%…also, wanted to say thanks for the Sprigs giveaway, I got it yesterday!

  4. I think sometimes when we step out of our comfort zones, we like the thrill so much – the adrenaline is flying – and we become addicted. At least I think that’s what you’re experiencing. I know how much you love to push your limits, I am so freaking happy for you’ve found a new love affair. You’re going to rock that half IM!!! 🙂

  5. Ahhh…I love this post! So funny! It’s amazing, huh! I’m so glad you went to the dark side. Love the picture of you in the sand…classic. we might need to meet up for a tri date sometime. Are you friends with tri’ers that don’t have a tri bike? I’m still cool!

  6. Yup. Dark side wins again!

    You will be great this weekend. Enjoy the race and smile the entire time. Your fellow competitors won’t know if you’re crazy or not but it works wonders.

  7. traitour… 😉

    jk i louve you.

    i don’t feel like i have energy after i swim to do anything else but eat. this is based off the last time i swam as a workout which was, oh, like 2005. i’m sure that effect hasn’t changed.

    also, your mom should have put you in one of those baby helmets when you were a kid to shape that head a little better. har har har. i am so funny.

  8. LOUL@ Lindsay!

    I’m so glad you’ve come to this side, even though I didn’t really know you before it. You’re just a freaking rock star, and it comes through with everything you do.

  9. I think your transition to tris has made you a stronger runner! So glad you love doing the tris and are doing well. I know my husband wants to do tris but it is just so expensive with the bikes and everything and he always just wants the best stuff.

  10. Gosh it’s only been a year?? I’m glad you gave tris a try because you are a total natural. It’s fun to watch you enjoy and do so well! A true testament to never say never!

  11. I said the same thing and I am doing my first one in August. I really don’t know what I am doing! Isn’t it funny how these things pan out?

  12. I said the same thing and I am doing my first one in August. I really don’t know what I am doing! Isn’t it funny how these things pan out? Ha!

  13. Once they go to the dark side they never come back. You are made for triathlons. And training for them hasn’t hurt your running one little bit.

  14. I can sympathies with this. I am still digging my heels in, but more and more I am being sucked in. Riding has been sneaking into my w/o regiment as a staple more and more. I always say I HATE swimming but I find myself also hitting the pool at least 3/4 times a month now. I even just switch gyms so I can swim laps…. Plus my husband has been on the look out for a road bike. OH and I got my first cycling jersey this week…. Yikes! Sounds serious to me! lol I remember when you started training for your first tri and now your training for a 1/2 iron!! Wowzers lady good job. I guess that goes to say NEVER SAY NEVER~

  15. Sometimes I wonder what “dark side” I’ll be drawn to next. Once upon a time I said I wouldn’t want to run a marathon and that 13.1 was good for me. Ha!

  16. i can’t believe it’s race week for you!! and yes, it’s going to be hot…but i think it’s supposed to let up, isn’t it?? you’ve come a looong way since that “I’ll never…” post!!! can’t wait to hear what you think about the 70.3 distance! good luck!

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