Ready or not…

It’s hard to believe I will be lining up to start my first half iron distance triathlon just a few days from now. At this point, I am equally terrified and excited.

2000m swim – 90K (56 mi) bike – 21.1K (13.1 mi) run

287226_10150750786085454_2905304_o-300x225I didn’t get all the long rides, long runs, long open water swims or brick workouts in that I had planned on, but I did what I could. My accelerated 8-week training cycle post-Boston was not ideal so I wanted to make the most of the time that I had, but at the same time had to be very careful not to try to overdo it. A few hiccups along the way led to skipped workouts (getting sick, the demands of puppy parenting, occasional laziness), but I’m proud of what I was able to do. All things considered, I feel pretty confident; I’m ready to tackle this distance and see what I’m capable of. That being said…

I’m nervous about the mass swim start of 500+ people in a 10-metre wide canal.

I’m nervous that I’ll push too hard on the bike and suffer through the half marathon.

I’m nervous about starting a half marathon after 12 noon.

281983_10150740877115454_7254545_n-225x300In other news, there’s a good chance that the swim will be wetsuit “illegal” (allowed but not eligible for awards). The chances of placing at this race are very slim, but I am not writing off the possibility. You just never know and I would hate to miss out on the podium because of wearing my wetsuit. The issue is, I have zero non-wetsuit open water swim experience. Well, until yesterday. I decided to give it a try last night just to see how it felt without my security blanket. With the temps & humidity, it would have been next to impossible to get that thing on anyway! The swim was okay – I definitely found it harder and I was slower, but it’s doable. If the swim turns out to be wetsuit “illegal”, it will be a game day decision for me.

Other than that, the bike is all shined and lubed up and ready to go fast. But not too fast… because, you know, I have to run pretty far after!

380361_10151850452570454_569245471_n-300x300Although I hesitated to share these (because I have a hard time believing they are realistic…), below are my goals based on predictions by my “Goal Consultant”/friend Erin as per usual.

Swim: 40:00
Bike: 2:40 (A) – 2:45 (B)
Run 1:50 (A) – 1:55 (B)



40 thoughts on “Ready or not…

  1. Good luck this weekend. I’m sure you are going to do great…better than you think. Hope you get some great weather! The humidity is supposed to break by then I think. All the best! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. If it is wetsuit optional…..DON’T WEAR IT. That means that the water temp is warm enough and the outdoor temp is high enough to cause dehydration during the swim. Remember there are no GUs or electrolytes while you are swimming.

    2:40-2:45 is 20-21mph. Is that what you are typically riding? 3:00 is nearly 19 mph and if I am not mistaken that is around where you are typically riding.

    The run is going to be about 10% slower than your fastest half-marathon and let’s not forget the heat will play a part in this.

    Be sure to be hydrating. Water should be within arm’s reach at all times for you between now and race day. The day to get your carbs in is two nights prior to the race and that is the night you want to make sure you go to bed early. The night before the race will be tummy turning with nerves so sleep is never as good as it should be.

    Let me know if you have any questions. And lastly, where can I track you if that is possible?

  3. Best of Luck Marlene! I know it is supposed to cool down here a bit (or at least the humidity is supposed to go down) for the weekend. I hope it is the same there.

    Don’t wear the wetsuit if it isn’t legal – you never know what will happen and with how much of a beast you’ve been lately, you wouldn’t want to disqualify yourself…just in case.

    • No live tracking that I know of! Should be on Sportstats but not sure if they would update throughout the race or just after. You can search by my last name. And thanks!

  4. Good luck Marlene! Is there a way to track you?

    Remember to be conservative in the swim. Don’t go out so hard that you blow up on the bike or run. I know you’ll do awesome! Good luck!

  5. Marlene!!!!!!!!!! wooooohooooO! this is amazing. u will do great. i cannot wait to read all about it!
    u r a star and you will rock this race!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Oh, my, gosh….I’m so pumped for you and know you are going to do Amazing! I’m freaked out about my Olympic in 2-weeks and mostly about the swim and the run. A mass start, hmmm…anxious to hear how that goes?

    Remember for the swim… you can’t control the temperture, the weather, the people around you or the water…you can only control you and your breathing! my masters coach told me that and helped me with my swim. Slow down your arms and breathe, find your pace.

    So stoked…

  7. I know you’re ready–you’ve been very consistent with your training, even with a few hiccups along the way. I think your goals sound very realistic. And don’t worry about the wetsuit–you’ll gain time in transition w/o it!

    Go get it!

  8. Take a deep breathe and you will do great. Good luck on your first first half iron distance triathlon. 🙂

  9. How exciting!!! Go own that race…and you know what, when has ANY training gone perfectly anyway? And even if it does, you get something like Boston ’12 to change it up for you.

    Have fun 🙂

  10. I learn all the time from reading your blog. I had no idea that some tris made wetsuits illegal. Why? Is it that their buoyancy gives an advantage? Good luck with the race – I’ll be looking forward to your recap.

    • The buoyancy is considered an advantage, so technically the suits are supposed to be used only when needed for warmth. There is also a concern of overheating when the water temp is too high, so they discourage people from wearing them.

  11. ahhh this is so exciting! im sure you will crush it 🙂 believe in yourself. im excited to hopefully line up next summer at the same starting line (well not the very same one but a half IM). good luck!!

  12. and you’re in a heatwave, aren’t you? i think that’s what i’ve been reading… everything north of good ol’ SC is burning up. meanwhile we’re still pretty mild. for now…


    good luck! call on your friend Jesus when you need help. or to decide if you should wear the wetsuit.

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