Well this wasn’t part of my race plan…

SSPX0249_1This morning I rode to work on my hybrid, taking it extra easy on purpose with my race coming up this weekend. I made it nearly 18 miles without incident, until I decided to pull into the gas station across from work to grab a chocolate milk. My wheel got stuck in a rut near the curb as I was turning, and I went down in an instant.

Fortunately I had slowed right down to turn so it really wasn’t a bad fall, except that I landed hard on my right elbow. It hurt like a &%^$# and for a second, I was worried I had done some serious damage. Once I was able to stand up, I realized it was just badly banged up (phew) but it was gouged up and very bloody.

I got myself and my bike up, picked up the busted front reflector and started pushing my bike towards work. (Meanwhile, more than one on-looker in the gas station continued to stare and not one person asked if I was okay or offered a hand. Thanks a lot, folks.)

wound-013I wiped some of the blood that was dripping down my arm onto my shirt, so I must have been quite a sight walking into the office. Two of my bosses were the first to see me and quickly sat me down because apparently I looked wobbly and pale. I seemed to have gotten myself worked up during my short walk after the accident and combined with adrenaline, it was making me woozy. I’m also pretty squeamish with blood and cuts, so I was afraid to even look at my elbow. (I’m an admitted wimp!)

SSPX0253They sat me down, dug out the first aid kit and got me all cleaned up. After sitting down for a few minutes and getting bandages on my arm, I started feeling “normal” again and was able to get changed and freshened up. I had to change the dressings several times because it kept bleeding through. It pretty much bled until the end of the work day. :/

SSPX0252It doesn’t feel too bad except for the sting, but I’m really worried about swimming and cycling (leaning on aero bars? ack!) on Sunday. Goals are most likely out the window – I still plan to do my best, but I have no idea how uncomfortable it is going to be and I don’t want any added pressure beyond finishing. At this point I am just hoping for the best – perhaps a healing miracle overnight?

And if not, maybe this myriad of products will help…



23 thoughts on “Well this wasn’t part of my race plan…

  1. New-Skin that baby up. It’s going to hurt like hell, but it really does help. I used to bowl 3-5 hrs a day, you can imagine the condition the skin on my hands was in. New-Skin was the sonly thing that got me through the last few months of the season.

    Can you let it ‘breathe’ tonight? Or is it still too oozy?

  2. Been there recently w/ my running fall, but oh boy, I think your elbow’s got me beat! Ugh!

    I think the adrenaline of your upcoming race will make you numb to any pain.

  3. You rock. Even in the bad situation you have enough humour to take a picture like this. All the best and quick healing. We will keep fingers crossed. Big hug without touching your right arm. 🙂

  4. Finish and have fun. Maybe by Sunday (right?) it will feel just great. Put an adhesive bandage on for padding and maybe the aero bars will feel just fine.

  5. I second the gauze or padding on it if you can make it work for the aero bars. I bet stopping for a couple of minutes to do that in transition will save you a lot of pain on the bike.

    Good luck! I hope it feels ok by the time you start!

  6. Ugg Glad you are at least ok, but that scrap down not look fun. I have tripped so many times while running and scrapped my knee so I know what you are going through! Stay tough and good luck tomorrow!

  7. Bugger. And that’s the reason I don’t ride. I’ll pray for an overnight healing and hope that you find some really good waterproof wound dressings.

  8. i was wondering what that pic was all about on fb!! maurlene, why did you do this?! (because you did it on purpose).

    i hope it is feeling OK enough to have a great race – you deserve one!

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  10. 😦 Omigawsh, I’m glad to hear that you were okay. That would definitely have worked me up right before a race too. I’m seriously just glad though that everything turned out okay.

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