June 2012

Total Run Distance:  159.9 KM (99.4 mi)


# Runs: 16

Time Spent Running: 14h 34m 57s

Total Cycling Distance: 428.5 KM (266.3 mi)


# Rides: 11

Time Spent Cycling: 14h 9m 13s

Total Swim Distance: 10,250m


# Swims: 9

Time Spent Swimming: 3h 49m 57s

Races:  Binbrook “Sprint” Tri and Welland Half Iron Tri


Favourite Workout: June 2nd long run with the gang – I had been missing the group runs and now I’m missing them again. Back to it…

Most Hardcore Workout: June 12th Time Trial in crazy wind on beat-up legs

Book,TV Show, Movie and/or Song of the Month: nothing jumped out at me…

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Allowing the pup to sleep in bed with us. We are powerless to his charms!


Indulgence of the Month: Spa day for the bike! Got her back just like new.

Obsession of the Month: This is kind of broad, but all things triathlon! It’s been fun kicking off the season.


Food and/or Drink of the Month: Water and more water. It’s been hot!


Current Wish-List:  A vacation would be nice.

Current Bane of my Existence: Same as just about everyone else, it seems – this relentless heat & humidity! Blech!!

Current Need: for my elbow to heal! (see #FAIL below)

Triumph of the Month: Completing my first half iron tri!


#FAIL of the Month:  Bike wipe-out 2 days before my big race


Current Excitement: Watching Miles grow and learn is new and exciting every single day. He has officially doubled in weight since we brought him home 2 months ago!

Current Goal: To place in the top 3 relay teams at Huronia Olympic Tri this weekend. I’m swimming and biking, then hubs is taking care of the run!

How was your month?

Can you believe it’s JULY?



17 thoughts on “June 2012

  1. Great month! Damn…the hubs was supposed to race Huronia this weekend but is passing in order to focus on the race in Toronto on July 22.
    Hope you rock it!

  2. Great month Marlene.

    Bella sleeps in her cradle with the door closed in our bedroom but at the weekend or on a day off I usually wake up sometime around 6 am and then open the doors and she can sleep on our bed for a while.

  3. Hilarious that you used a hashtag in your blog post. I can’t stop laughing. Hashtags are popping up everywhere now.

    As a matter of fact I am using them in sentences when I want to aggravate Karen.

    Great month and great things ahead.

  4. Great month, girlie girl!! Keep being strong…and get that dang elbow healed quickly so you can get back out there and kick some more butt!!

  5. June was an amazing month marlene! When you put how many hours of fitness you accomplished I’m truly amazed at how you can fit it all in. You rock!

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