“Back-on-Track” Week

I took an excessively lazy week after Welland, logging just one 6K run over 8 days. Whoops! I had planned to stay out of the water and off the bike to let my elbow make some healing progress, and then… I just got lazy. Thankfully Juliana invited me out for a short morning run on Wednesday, or I might have done nothing all week. In any case, I enjoyed the break but I was 100% ready to get back into the groove this past week. Here’s how I eased back into things:

Monday 7/2 – long weekend for Canada Day… this was part of the 8-day laziness streak.

Tuesday 7/3 –

Met the girls for a 5am easy run, a great way to get right back at it.

That night I went to the Newmarket Eagles’ Time Trial at a course I have not tried yet. It was only 10K but definitely one of the more challenging courses. Climb, climb, climb. What goes up must come down (at least in an out-and-back!) but I’m too much of a chicken to fully take advantage of the downhills. I’m getting better.

Run 10.0KM  (6.2 mi) – 55:25 – 5:32/KM (8:54/mi)

Bike 10.0KM (6.2mi) – 16:37 – 36.1 KPH (22.4 mph) (+ warm-up/cool-down 5.5 KM)

Wednesday 7/4 –

I headed out into the mid-day sun for a lunch run on one of the hottest and most humid days we’ve had. It was almost unbearable. I had a lot of trouble breathing and stopped twice along the way to cool off in the community centre and then the library. Not fun!

That evening it was the perfect time for a swim and definitely without a wetsuit. My friend K met me and we swam all the way across the lake and back for the first time. I was a little nervous going so far without my suit, but it went well and gave me lots of confidence.

Run 6.0KM (3.7 mi) – 33:09 – 5:31/KM (8:53/mi)

Swim 2200m – 51:14

Thursday 7/5 –

Marathon clinic night! It’s nice to be back into the routing with my peeps, even though we had another hot and muggy night for speed work. We were doing 800s and I managed 3.5, which was more than enough!

Run 9.6 KM (6.0 mi) – 54:50 – 5:40/KM (9:08/mi)

Friday 7/6 –

Headed to the lake for another non-wetsuit swim on a sticky humid evening.

Swim 1300m – 28:29

Saturday 7/7 –

On Saturday hubs and I raced the Huronia Olympic Tri Relay (I swam + biked and he ran). Race report to follow… spoiler: we won the relay division!

I squeezed in a shorty brick run off the bike while hubs was doing his thing. I forgot to take my race belt/bib off and people kept telling me I was running the wrong way. LOL

Swim 1400m – 26:32 – 1:53/100m

Bike 40.6 KM (25.4 mi) – 1:12:27 – 33.8 KPH (21.0 mph) 

Run 3.0 KM (1.9 mi) – 16:17 – 5:22/KM (8:38/mi)

Sunday 7/8 –

I met up with the marathon group bright and early for a long run. It was my first time joining them since the new clinic started and it was good to be back. The temperature wasn’t bad, but the sun was pounding down and made it feel much hotter than it was. My group also missed a turn and ended up having to run on a major highway for the last 5K in order to avoid adding on a ton of distance – hot sun, black asphalt and lots of traffic made for a pretty miserable end to the run, but we got it done.

Run 22.6 KM (14.0 mi) – 2:08:26 – 5:41/KM (9:09/mi)


Swim: 3 x for 4900m in 1:46:15

Bike: 2 x for 56.4 KM (35.0 mi) in 1:43:04

Run: 5 x for 51.3 KM (31.9 mi) in 4:48:06

Total Time: 8:17:25


It’s good to be back! Time to get into “official” training mode for Muskoka 70.3 on September 9th. I don’t have a formal training plan in place, but more of a guideline which seems to work better for me right now. Here we go!


13 thoughts on ““Back-on-Track” Week

  1. Woot! I can’t wait to read about your race! Looks like an amazing week! Are you planning ANY fall HM or marathons or is it all about 70.3s for you this year?

    • Lots of rain & thunder before the swim – start delayed. Then it cleared up only to pour on me for most of the bike. SCARY!!!!!!!!

  2. 8 hours of training in the form of recovery is pretty darn good.

    Looking forward to this training cycle for your next 70.3. My only question is which IM are you doing? You know registration for IMTX opens on Wed and I will be doing it again…..just saying!

  3. Congrats team! BTW, am wondering how long these marathon clinics are? I mean how many weeks/months. Which marathon are you guys training for?

  4. Great “comeback” week. You always train so much and hard, a week off was a well deserved one.

    And keep posting pics of Miles, I adore him, he’s so cute.

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