Three Things Thursday

1. I’m noticing an unpleasant trend in the first week of each new training cycle – I get sick! Unfortunately, this time was no exception. I seem to have come down with the plague a nasty cold/flu combo that came out of nowhere Tuesday night and has knocked me down hard. I had a terrible night and spent all day yesterday on the couch. Last night I had a better sleep and feel as though I’m on the mend today, but it is definitely going to be another day of complete rest for me. Hope to feel up to a couple of workouts this weekend.

2. I managed to complete Tuesday night’s 15K Time Trial before the sickness hit. We were back at the Kennedy route, which is my favourite (and incidentally, the fastest). I had yet to beat my time from the very first night and was itching to do so. They moved me five spots back in the line up (we start in order fro slowest to fastest with 30 seconds in between) so the pressure was on. At the turn-around, I saw 12:05 and knew it was going to be tough to negative-split and beat my previous record of 24:04. I somehow managed to turn on the turbos and hauled a$$ on this mostly flat, slightly-uphill-on-the-way-back course. Puke threshold was approaching as I crossed the line in 23:50.  (37.8 KPH = 23.5 mph) That put me at 16/24 in the group – not bad considering that 23 of them were men!

3. Tell me I’m not the only one who is shamelessly excited about Big Brother 14 kicking off tonight??!! Bring on the guilty pleasure!


14 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Hope you feel better! There was this summer cold going around a while ago and I felt like I had it. No fun!

    You raced against all men!! Nice job girly!

  2. I’m a Big Brother fan as well…started watching it when I had my daughter! Hope you are feeling better. Maybe overload on the Vitamin C at the start of each session…or after the next big event?

  3. sucks that you are sick! hope you feel better soon!!

    i am also so excited for Big Brother! the bf and I have a whole evening planned around it! hahah

  4. Damn girl, you are super fast on that bike! I was thrilled when I hit 14.8mph on my 27 mile ride yesterday. I suck!

    Hope you feel better sooooonnnn!!!!


  5. I was just reading Char’s blog at “my life’s a marathon ” about her flu and though I can’t afford that at the moment. Hope you are feeling better already!

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