Muskoka 70.3 Training – Week 1

Once again, I’m not following an official training schedule and once again, I got off to a bumpy start when I was sick this week and missed three whole days of workouts. I was able to salvage the week with my long ride and run over the weekend, so there’s nothing to do now but move forward.

Monday –

Went for an evening wetsuit-free swim at the lake.

swim 1400m – 31:09

Tuesday –

5am run with the girls and bike Time Trial after work – which I crushed!

run 9.4 KM (5.6 mi) – 54:59 – 5:50/KM (9:23/mi)

bike 15.0 KM (9.3 mi) – 23:50 – 37.8 KPH (23.5 mph) +12.7K warm-up

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – sick


Saturday –

Met up with some friends for my longest ride to-date! We took a gorgeous route which landed us at the beach about two hours into the ride… the only logical thing to do was park our bikes and run into the lake wearing our gear. It was the best thing ever. Felt great for the whole ride and had a ton of fun. Embarrassing moment: pushing my bike DOWN a hill because I was too chicken of the steep descent with a wicked sharp turn at the bottom. Yeah, I’m a chicken…

bike 100.9 KM (62.7 mi) – 3:35:29 – 28.1 KPH (17.5 mph)

Sunday –

Group long run on a sticky, muggy morning. I was not feeling good at all – unsure whether it was from being sick, the big ride on Saturday, the weather or a (most likely) a combination of all 3), but I cut it slightly short and slogged through it. Fortunately we had a swimming pool waiting for us after the run!

untitled1-225x300run 20.0 KM (12.4 mi) – 1:55:07 – 5:45/KM (9:15/mi) 


Swim: 1 x for 1400m in 31:09

Bike: 2 x for 128.6 KM (79.9 mi) in 4:25:58

Run: 2 x for 29.4 KM (18.3 mi) in 2:50:06

Total Time: 7:47:13



14 thoughts on “Muskoka 70.3 Training – Week 1

    • Yep, exactly! And after swimming the same lake a few times, I’d have an idea of how far to go out for X distance.

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Despite being sick you had a great workout week. Hope you had some good times with Miles when you were sick.

  2. technically you could go backwaurds or sideways… but of course i do not wish backwards upon you. i’m doing plenty of that!

    at first i thought you were going to tell us you did a swim workout in that pool. i was going to ask for this workout because maybe it is something i can handle as i assumed it would not be 100s of laps 😉

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