life rearranged

Instagram is one of my favourite obsessions on my new toy. I heard about Insta-Friday via Runner’s Rambles, so here goes. This is an assortment of recent photos that I’ve been sharing…

580849_498590166821716_1368372855_n-225x300 photo1-300x300 photo2-300x300 photo5-300x300 photo10-300x300 photo-300x300 untitled2-300x300


11 thoughts on “Insta-Friday

  1. Omg, I just downloaded it and signed up but have yet to learn how to use it. this is a great segment that I want to incorporate once i learn how to use the system.

    Great photos!

  2. Hi Aron! 🙂
    Love your ring photo, how pretty!
    I am just learning about Instagram, maybe I’ll be up to snuff here soon. Considering I haven’t joined Twitter, this is a pretty big accomplishment! 🙂

  3. I’ve put a couple of photos on Instagram but I really just take them for the special effects. Love the ones of Miles. Sleeping puppy – awww!

  4. Feels like a workout to read your blog sometimes. Busy busy busy as always, but so great! IMLP13 is very exciting! My son has a fishing game that includes Lake Placid. 🙂 At least I’ve been there virtually!

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