Muskoka 70.3 – Weeks 2 & 3 Training

With back-to-back long weekends away from home, my training (and blogging about it) has been discombobulated at best. That said, I tried to make the most of what I was able to do. Here’s a brief look at the last couple of weeks:

Monday 7/16 – Open water swim at a new duck-free location with the gang. Great night!


Tuesday 7/17 – Started the day with a 5am run with some of the morning crew. That evening I didn’t feel up to the usual Time Trial so a friend joined me for a nice and leisurely ride instead.

photo3-300x225Wednesday 7/18 – Early morning run with one friend, then headed straight to the lake for a 6am swim with a few others. I had evening plans, so it was nice to squeeze it all in before work.


Thursday 7/19 – Evening run with the marathon clinic with 3 x 2000 descending intervals. We had a bit of relief from the heat and it’s amazing how much better I felt. Nailed our splits!

Friday 7/20 – Long travel day to Lake Placid, and we managed to squeeze in a swim at beautiful Mirror Lake when we got there. I swam one loop of the two-loop IM course.


Saturday 7/21 – Rode one glorious loop of the IMLP bike course, followed by a quick 4K brick run


Sunday 7/22 – Long and exciting day volunteering & spectating at IMLP. No training, but certainly not “rest.”

group-300x224Week 2 Totals – 9:34:13

Swim 4549 metres for 1:36:47
Bike 133.9 KM (83.2 mi) for 5:00:30
Run 31.3 KM (19.4 mi) for 2:56:57

Moving on to week 3…

Monday 7/23 – Did you hear? I registered for IMLP13! 😉 Spent the rest of the day travelling home ex-haus-ted.


Tuesday 7/24 – Still so freaking tired from the weekend that I could barely peel myself off the couch, let alone work out.


Wednesday 7/25Aron was in town and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet up with her. We had a nice chit-chatty 6-mile run along the waterfront followed by plenty more chatter over dinner. It’s been nearly 4 years since Aron and I first connected through our blogs and it was amazing to finally have the opportunity to visit in person. She is even more awesome than you would expect.


Thursday 7/26 – I had planned to run with the clinic gang that evening for some speed work, but skipped it in order to get ready for our camping weekend and get to bed early before my long run Friday morning.

Friday 7/27 – Up at 4am to squeeze in a 21K run before heading out for a camping weekend. Lucky for me, a couple of friends were in a similar situation and I had company. It was actually really nice to be out early, and it wasn’t a sweat fest until the final miles when the sun was up.


Saturday 7/28 – Went for a nice 5K run around the campground in the morning before hitting the beach. We were on Lake Huron and the water was cold but crystal clear. I had my swim gear and couldn’t resist a swim along the buoy line parallel to shore (about 800m). The rest of the day was for play!


Sunday 7/29 – Some more R&R followed by packing up and heading home, yet again exhausted.

Week 3 Totals – 3:53:02

Swim 830 metres for 0:19:00
Bike 0(FAIL!)
Run 35.2 KM (21.9 mi) for 3:34:02

All things considered, I’m pleased with what I was able to do – even if it is far less than I “should” be doing right now. The back to back weekends away really did me in, but now I am home and getting back into the training regimen. 6 weeks til Muskoka 70.3!


12 thoughts on “Muskoka 70.3 – Weeks 2 & 3 Training

  1. aurgh piurate photo. and a pourt-a-potty! way to capture the beauty around you maurlene. a couple down weeks is ok. it’s early on and you will no doubt rock it out from here!

  2. i adore aron and i adore you, so seriously wish I could have been there 🙂 traveling definitely throws things off, but as you’ve shown it’s not really an excuse either you can get in the training if you want to .

  3. Lindsays comments made me laugh too! Never know what is beyond you when you take those post run self portraits! Great week especially with all the fun traveling! I had trouble last week too – its so hard to fit everything in!

  4. You are doing a GREAT job of fitting training into real life. I am so AMAZED at your love for Tri’s…you just keep going bigger and bigger. I am excited to follow your journey!!

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