July 2012

Total Run Distance: 165.6 KM (102.9 mi)

photo9-225x300 # Runs: 17

Time Spent Running: 15:53:59

Total Cycling Distance: 354.8 KM (220.5 mi)

16676-874-16733996-copy-205x300# Rides: 7

Time Spent Cycling: 12:16:50

Total Swim Distance: 13079 m

1-225x300 # Swims: 9

Time Spent Swimming: 4:41:12

Races:  Huronia Oly Tri Relay with hubs

Podium21Favourite Workout: A toss-up between swimming in Mirror Lake and riding the IMLP bike course. Both beautiful!

Untitled1-224x300Most Hardcore Workout: Group long run on 7/15 in humid hell. I had been sick that week, then rode 3.5 hours the day before and felt like crap from the get-go. Luckily, it was followed by a pool-side brunch!

untitled1-225x300Book,TV Show, Movie and/or Song of the Month: Working my way through “You Are An Ironman” (thanks Jason) and lapping it up.

536618_10151988373320454_1637219250_n-225x300Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Big Brother AND Bachelor Pad… I am losing brain cells at an alarming rate. Ha!

Indulgence of the Month: Countless s’mores during our recent camping weekend.

Obsession of the Month: my new iPhone and fun things to go along with it (like Instagram and Draw Something!)

Food and/or Drink of the Month: I’m back on the steel cut oats wagon for breakfast. I always forget how satisfying (and delicious) it is!

oats-300x272Current Wish-List: A lazy morning would be sooo nice. Not sure if I can make it happen this weekend.

photo-225x300Current Bane of my Existence: Unnecessary excess weight I am hauling around… I’m working on it.

Current Need: a house cleaning fairy

Triumph of the Month: Taking the leap and registering for IMLP 2013

untitled4-300x300#FAIL of the Month: I rode my bike exactly zero times last week. OOPS!

Current Excitement: all things IMLP!

iPhone-113-300x225Current Goal: Staying on track with training throughout August leading up to Muskoka 70.3 on September 9th.


August already! How is your summer going? Time sure flies and I hate to wish it away, but I won’t be sad to see fall…



15 thoughts on “July 2012

  1. I can’t believe it is AUGUST!! I wish winter went by this fast sometimes! I need a lazy morning too! So glad you somehow found me on instagram!

  2. I’ll make you feel better. I only ran 1 mile last week. That’s just like not biking at all. We are racing 70.3s on the same weekend! Woo-hoo!

    Congrats on another great month!

  3. I am at a total weight dropping standstill…with the amount I sweat you’d think I’d be a supermodel by now…
    I love smores…specifically marshmallows. (funny how I always spell them marshmellow on first go around…)

  4. i finished “you are an ironman” last month. loved it but so many times i had to put it down b/c it made me so anxious!! definitely got me excited!

  5. Great month for you, and exciting as well with the Ironman registration. I watch Big Brother and Bachelor Pad as well, so right with you on giving up those brain cells….

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with lazy mornings… always wish for them, and they are great, but I usually end up wishing I had been more active! Go figure 😉 What a great July for you!

  7. What a month! Great job!

    If fall were cooler here, I too would be hankering for it. As it is, I guess I just have to think FL winter thoughts!

  8. I need a house-cleaning fairy too. I usually have a cleaner who comes once a week (a little indulgence for a working mother) and she’s been off recovering from an op for the last 2 months. I miss her!

  9. Wait, holy $h*t, you registered for IMLP? That’s a huge step! Congrats!! This probably isn’t news at this point, but I’m getting caught up as life slowly returns to something vaguely predictable…

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