Thar she Blows

Sibbald-225x300Last night hubs, Miles and I headed to our “local” provincial park so I could go for a swim along the shore while the pup played and swam too. We’ve been here a few times now, and the water is generally flat and calm. Imagine my surprise, when I showed up to find this:

Surf-225x300And I forgot my boogie board! I stood there watching the waves in disbelief for a while, wondering if I should even try. Even Miles was apprehensive about going in:

Miles-300x225Eventually I talked myself into it, but didn’t go out farther than I could touch the bottom, and made sure to stay within hubs’ line of sight.

Swim-225x300It was interesting, to say the least. I was rocked to and fro, took several mouthfuls of water and often felt like I was swimming in place. I lasted 10 minutes for a whopping 400 metres before deciding that it was enough.

This may be no big deal to some, but I am more accustomed to swimming in waters like this:

photo1-300x300So, I’m calling my 400 metres a victory! What are the most extreme conditions you’ve ever swam/biked/ran in?


15 thoughts on “Thar she Blows

  1. The most extreme conditions I’ve run in was a 10k race that had hail, rain, and 30 mph headwinds! It was pretty much miserable and the only race ever where I SERIOUSLY considered sitting down on the curb and just quitting. But I finished with what ended up being a PR at the time! Go
    figure 😉 And my husband paddles outrigger canoes in the San Francisco Bay at 4:30am during the week… I think that’s always extreme! Good for you for getting in that rough water!

  2. Wow that’s some change in the water! I’m amazed you lasted at all! My only extremes have been in running. The heat (Boston of course) and the cold…ran in like a minus rediculous number, at about 4:30 am a few winters ago and had to be rescued it was so cold!

  3. Well, since I don’t bike or swim…

    The most extreme I’ve ever run in was a half marathon where it poured so hard I couldn’t see. Luckily, no lightning…

  4. I’ve had 2 extreme marathons: 1) Baystate Marathon – snow/rain/frigid, and 2) Boston Marathon – 90’s. I don’t expect perfect weather, but those 2 were crazy!

  5. Yeah I’m in the camp of “it’s amazing” to even go swimming in Open Water as often as you do! Huge props for trying, and at least seeing what it felt like 🙂

    The weekend we moved back to DC last year, I had 18 miles on deck. It started pouring around mi 5 and by mi 8 I was very obviously the only moron still out on the {paved} trail and going against the wind. I finished all 18, motivated purely by the fact it felt good to be “home” 🙂

  6. After that bad snowstorm a couple of years ago, I ran is some snow that was above my knees. It wasn’t heavy snow at least, and it was either that or run on the plowed road that was congested with traffic.

  7. I once ran in snow so deep I couldn’t even start to make out the path through the park. But craziest? Probably late last year, early in the morning, right after a night of bat-shit-crazy storms, and ending just minutes before the weather picked up again and would have made it downright unsafe to be outside. It was surreal.

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