Muskoka 70.3 Training – Week 4

After being all over the map with my training in weeks 2 and 3 due to back-to-back weekends away, I was excited to settle in to more of a routine in Week 4.

Monday 7/30 – back to work after a 3-day weekend. I broke up the day with a sweaty lunch run, then hit the lake for a swim with some buddies in the evening.

MondayRun MondaySwim

Tuesday 7/31 – Met the 5am girls for an early morning run. After work it was off to the time trial on my bike. It was the toughest course – a very hilly two-loop 24K. It poured rain on us for the (uphill) home stretch and I had a 6-minute improvement over the time I rode this course on my hybrid. I ran a quick 3K brick off the bike on very tired legs.


Wednesday 8/1 – Another sweat-fest lunch run (forgot water AND music and ended up cutting it short, blahhh) then went to the lake with hubs & pups for a very choppy mini-swim after work.

TuesdayRun Swim

Thursday 8/2 – Clinic night with the marathon group. We had longer intervals at a descending pace on deck for this very humid evening. I ended up cutting it down from 4K-3K-2K to 3K-2K-1K and that was plenty! Held on to my group as best I could. It was tough!

Friday 8/3 – I used this day to get my long ride in ahead of another busy weekend, but had to break it into parts. I biked to work (long route) with J, then biked home, and headed out an hour later to finish it up. 100K total and I was whooped. I managed to complete a short brick run with hubs at the end of that, even if I dragged my feet most of the way.

photo2 FriWatermelon

Saturday 8/4 Kempenfest Bay Swim and I squeezed in a short bike ride after the afternoon wedding we attended.


Sunday 8/5 – Extremely muggy long run with the group. I decided to drop back by one pace group since I have been struggling to keep up with my usual peeps. This definitely turned out to be the right decision – even though I missed running with Kel! Cold bath afterwards was much needed.



Swim 3 x for 3800m in 1:17:14
Bike 5 x for 156.5 KM (97.2 mi) in 5:30:45
Run 63.5 KM (39.5 mi) in 6:01:01
Total Time: 12:49:01

TP And then I did a little bit of this…



10 thoughts on “Muskoka 70.3 Training – Week 4

  1. I wish the weather and temps here were kinder – would love to put in a mid-day run just to break up the day/work. Must be awesome to get in a lunch run?!

  2. Someone at work the other day said that I put more time into planning when and where my workouts will be than anything else. Opps! I think it takes time to put together everything for the week. Great job fitting everything in!

  3. Hey, I found your blog while looking up stuff about City Chase (I’m doing it this weekend, eek!). Just wanted to wish you all the best on your training, I love the last pic in the post because that is my faaaavourite feeling after a long workout!

  4. You must be just about ready to be done with summer. I’m a little over winter now but I’m sure I’ll be complaining about the heat before too long.

    Another great week for you!

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