Rainy Run-Mute and Planet Gear Winner

I got a soggy start to my weekend this morning with a very rainy run-mute to work. I have a race on Sunday (Bracebridge Olympic Tri) and wanted to get my long run done ahead of time. There was a lot of rain in the forecast and I was already trying to think of a way to get out of it when I tucked in last night. Alas, I knew what I needed to do and hoped for the best.

Sure enough, I woke up at 4am to rain. It was more of a drizzle when I left the house at 4:30, but it was expected to get worse. Sure enough, as I plodded my way along the dark streets, the rain became heavier and heavier. It was downright pouring by about half way and didn’t let up. I was running nearly 3 hours and that is a long time to be running in the rain, most of which in the dark to boot.

I made a pit stop at a gas station to top up my water bottle at one point, and it was tough going back out into the rain. Luckily I “only” had about 10K to go at that point. I ended up pulling my jacket out of my pack and it made me feel slightly better for about 3 minutes until it was soaked through as well. I must have been carrying 10 lbs of soaked clothing!

In the end, I made it. Soaked to the bone with shrivelled up toes and a smile for the finish. You never regret completing a run.

Fri-225x300And the winner of my Planet Gear giveaway is #16: Rebecca

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Rainy Run-Mute and Planet Gear Winner

  1. oh man! i can relate! i got caught in a serious downpour while running once and it was not fun!!! i was lucky enough not to have a backpack on though! yikes! i guess that’s what makes running such an adventure though! thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! SPA love!

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